Fatigue: Chronic fatigue and exhaustion

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Last updated:01.09.2021
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Dear reader,

if you have been feeling tired during the day for a longer period of time and not really awake, then this can be a sign of the chronic fatigue syndrome be.

More and more people are affected. In our experience, by far the most common cause is parasites in the body. Only this will Often overlooked by doctors.

Parasiten: Why doctors almost never recognize them
Explained in 5:35 minutes by Kira Tau from the Swiss Parasite Free Association

In this article we will point out:

  • Which causes could be chronic tiredness and exhaustion.
  • How parasites trigger these causes.
  • Which really helps to feel awake and fit again.

Symptoms of chronic fatigue

The main symptom is persistent fatigue. The person concerned is not only tired in the morning and in the evening, but also during the day. For some people, even getting enough sleep, exercise, long recovery periods and caffeine consumption doesn’t help.

Other symptoms are:

  • Exhaustion
  • Listlessness
  • Feeling tired
  • listlessness
  • Lack of energy
  • Muscle pain / joint pain
  • Peripheral exhaustion (no strength in arms and legs)
  • Rapid physical exhaustion after exertion / sport
  • Depression
  • Poor concentration
  • Persistent fatigue
  • Acute exhaustion
  • Chronic exhaustion
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Sleep is not restful
  • In the morning „like whacked“ wake up
  • Emotional states that are described by those affected as follows:
    - General exhaustion
    - The feeling of being barely able to manage everyday life
    - Physical exhaustion
    - Severe / total / total / extreme exhaustion < br> - Emotional / Mental / Mental / Mental exhaustion
    - Nervous exhaustion
    - Depressive exhaustion
    Permanent / constant tiredness and exhaustion
    - Leaded tiredness

Exhaustion: the possible causes

In our experience, parasites in the body are often responsible for chronic fatigue. With our online test you can find out quickly, easily and free of charge.

Especially if the tiredness is accompanied by one or more of the following symptoms, the cause “parasites” is likely:

1.) Cravings
Sometimes uncontrollable cravings for sweet foods, especially in the evening, can indicate parasites in the body.

2.) Bloated stomach
If your stomach puffs up, especially after eating and in the evening, this is a clear sign of parasites in the intestines.

3.) sleep disorders
If you wake up at night, have trouble getting to sleep in the evening, or wake up refreshed, it could be a sign of parasite activity at night.

Sie erkennen sich wieder? Alle Parasiten-Symptome do we have here summarized for you.

Or take a look at this video that we produced in-house:

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How do parasites cause chronic fatigue?

1.) Energy is used up
Parasites are always in the human body undesirable (please refer Definition). The immune system is in constant conflict with the intruders. This costs the body a lot of energy and results in exhaustion.

2.) Nutritional deficiency
The high pathogenicity of parasites results, among other things, from their ability to remove micronutrients from the body – both from the chyme in the intestine as well as from the blood and even the cells (microparasites). We have more information here summarized for you.
A lack of nutrients can lead to exhaustion, fatigue and chronic fatigue.

3.) Psychological influence
Parasites in humans not only have an impact on the physical state of health, but also on the psyche. For example, parasites can trigger depression, anxiety disorders, circling thoughts and more. More information on this here.
Such mental stress costs the body a lot of energy and can trigger chronic fatigue and exhaustion.

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4.) Influence on the hormonal system
Parasites have a massive impact on the body’s hormones. We have more information on this here summarized for you. When parasites induce an imbalance between melatonin and serotonin, this change can trigger chronic fatigue.

This video is part of our free online course „Parasiten-Akademie“ – the course you can here Take a look at it in full without registering and learn everything about parasites for free.

5.) Parasite poisoning
As part of their metabolism, parasites release toxins into the body. We have more information on this here processed. This can lead to poor performance and exhaustion as the liver becomes overloaded.

6.) Liver strain
The liver is not only impaired in its function by the secretion of toxins. Many people suffer from Liver fluke, which represent a massive burden for the organ. This can trigger the fatigue syndrome.

Liver fluke can trigger chronic fatigue

7.) Lack of oxygen
Lack of oxygen can be a cause of insufficient energy and thus chronic fatigue. The cells can only produce the universal energy carrier “ATP” with oxygen. Since parasites are susceptible to oxygen, they rob the body of it.
Lack of oxygen can be a cause of insufficient energy and thus chronic fatigue. The cells can only produce the universal energy carrier “ATP” with oxygen. Since parasites are susceptible to oxygen, they rob the body of it.

The less ATP human cells produce, the less energy is available to them

8.) Inhibition of enzymes
Because parasites store and secrete heavy metals, they indirectly reduce the performance of enzymes. This is noticeable in a reduced metabolism, which can lead to a lack of energy.

9.) Incorrect intestinal symbiosis caused by parasites
Parasites eat “positive” intestinal bacteria. The resulting intestinal symbiosis can be a trigger for the feeling of exhaustion and chronic fatigue.

The fewer positive intestinal bacteria, the more negatives. "Bad" intestinal bacteria can trigger fatigue.

You can find out quickly and easily whether parasites are really responsible for your chronic exhaustion using our free parasite test.

Other possible causes

As you can see, Parasites can trigger fatigue syndrome in many different ways. Our experience is that it is after a Parasitenkur In almost every case documented by us, there is a strong increase in energy in the user.

We have summarized testimonials here:

In addition to parasites, there are other triggers for chronic exhaustion that must be ruled out:

  • Mental stress / anxiety disorder (not triggered by parasites, e.g. through trauma)
  • Depression (not caused by parasites)
  • Burnout / Overload
  • Hypothyroidism / Hashimoto
  • Malnutrition
  • Lack of fluids
  • Sensitivity to electrosmog / radiation
  • Hormonal disorders (e.g. adrenal weakness)
  • Chronic bacterial or viral disease (e.g. Lyme disease)

What to do if you are exhausted and tired? The remedy for exhaustion!

Many sufferers have tried a lot to feel more awake, more energy and to get rid of exhaustion.

What really helps?

Individual home remedies for physical exhaustion are sufficient not to address the complex causes of fatigue.

There is no such thing as a “home remedy” for chronic fatigue

What really helps is to determine the cause of the exhaustion and fix it in a targeted manner. As can be seen from the article, are Parasites in humans one of the most common causes.

If you want to find out whether parasites could trigger chronic fatigue in you, carry out our free parasite test now.

If it turns out that parasites trigger the symptoms of exhaustion in you, we recommend carrying out a holistic parasite cure. How such a cure is structured and what you should pay attention to can be found in our large parasite cure guide.

FAQ: Short question, short answer on the following topics: exhaustion, tiredness, exhaustion and fatigue

It is absolutely crucial to find out the cause of the tiredness. In our experience, parasites are often the cause.

We recommend a parasite cure. We keep in ours which cure is currently the best Parasitenkur-Guide always up to date.

Since parasites can also trigger allergies, it is precisely this symptom complex that suggests that parasites are the cause. For more information on how parasites cause allergies, see here.

Due to their metabolism, parasites can cause tiredness and exhaustion as well as nausea. It is therefore likely that the cause is parasites.

Please study the causes of these symptoms in this article. They are complex physical processes. The cause cannot be remedied with vitamin C, copper and OPC. So the answer is no. As a rule, Sanotact will not provide a remedy because the cause of the discomfort is not eliminated.

The cause can be varied. Have you taken on too much over a long period of time? Or have you overexerted yourself? If you are suddenly exhausted, you should take a break. An examination is only required if the condition persists for a long time.

Naturally. The psyche can have a massive influence on the body. Anxiety or depression can therefore lead to psychosomatic exhaustion.

The question is whether rehab leads to success at all. Please look at the possible causes. A cure only makes sense in the event of overload.

There is no panacea for the exhaustion syndrome such as nutritional supplements, Bach flowers, Schüssler salts or globules. It is much more important that the cause is determined and then treated in a targeted manner.

There is no such thing as a panacea. It is important to determine the cause and correct it in a targeted manner.

In principle, as long as you are unable to work (AU) or sick due to exhaustion. What matters is what you do during this time. For example, if you are on sick leave due to exhaustion, you could do a parasite treatment when parasites are the cause of your symptoms.

When you lose large amounts of blood, you also lose iron. Try a substitution.

Much more important than this is what you are doing there. If you do not use the time to correct the cause, the regimen will be of no benefit.

If, despite getting enough sleep and recovery periods, you have too little energy, you should think about the cause.

That depends on the cause of the exhaustion. If parasites are the cause, you can find help on our extensive portal.

That cannot be generalized. If you are sure that a previous malnutrition is the cause of the exhaustion, you should eat nutrient-rich and fresh food: meat and organs from pasture-rearing, organic vegetables, organic fruits and fish from clean waters. Also, make sure the water is clean.

In this case, consult a doctor immediately. The cause must be clarified.

Ask your doctor about this. He should tell you the cause of the exhaustion and put together a treatment.

These are general symptoms that have to do with fatigue, tiredness and restlessness. For example burn out (physical and mental exhaustion).

Is it actually caused by malnutrition? For example, if parasites cause a nutritional deficiency, substitution is useless as parasites will eat them away. So find out what the cause is.

In this case you should work out a fundamental solution. Time out from work is only a temporary solution. When you go back to the old life, the symptoms will come back too.

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