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Dear reader,

Every day we absorb pollutants through N ahrung, air and water. Our body has effective mechanisms to get rid of them. However, more and more toxins enter the organism, which overtaxes the intrinsic detoxification system. [1]

The result is that not all toxins can be eliminated. The body stores the pollutants in muscles, fat cells and organs. [2]
The toxins accumulate over years and decades, which can lead to limitations in health, performance and well-being . [3]

The goal of detoxification is to cleanse the entire body of the stored pollutants.

Now choose what you are interested in:



What is detox?

When dealing with this question, terms such as detox, poisons and waste products come up.
First it is necessary to be clear about the respective meaning.


The abbreviation for detoxification, which means detoxification and purification. [4]

Poisons / toxins

These are substances that, even in small quantities, cause direct damage to the human body. Environmental toxins that we want to get rid of through detox include:

  • Aluminium
  • mercury
  • lead
  • cadmium
  • Pesticides
  • Drug residues
  • Microplastics



This is the name given to metabolic products that have not been detoxified by the body. So residues of degradation materials that arise from regular processes in the organism. [5] Also from these deposits we would like to free ourselves. These include, for example:

  • ammonia
  • phenol
  • bromine
  • phosphorus
  • Potassium cyanite


Which detox regimen is effective and useful?

Many remedies and instructions for so-called detox cures are circulating on the Internet.

However, all of the products we examined have failed.

So far there has been no effective, complete and free step-by-step instruction on the Internet that shows how to the entire body holistic and sustainable freed from toxins.

We have created such instructions for you at home for you and make it available to you free of charge in this article.

We will also show you what you absolutely have to consider if you want to rid your body of toxins.


Do you need a detox?

In our free online test, you will receive a well-founded expert assessment of whether you even need a detox.

If this is the case, you will have the opportunity to carry out a second test. Based on your information, we will then determine the detox measures that are right for you.

Get started now …

1 I am often tired, even after getting enough sleep


2 I feel "weak" after getting up


3 I have a coating on my tongue in the morning


4 I get "red eyes" quickly


5 I wake up in the morning with my eyes gummed up


6 I suffer from headache a lot


7 I am overweight and have problems losing weight


8 Despite good dental hygiene, I suffer from bad breath


9 I am constipated


10 I suffer from muscle pain


11 I have bad skin, e.g. pimples or even acne on a regular basis


12 I suffer from strong body odor, e.g. when I sweat


13 I suffer from dark circles


14 I suffer from insomnia


15 I get sick all the time, so I'm very susceptible to infections


16 I suffer from allergies, e.g. hay fever


17 I suffer from a major illness (e.g. psoriasis)


18 I suffer from a connective tissue disorder (e.g. cellulites)


19 I suffer from concentration problems


20 I have mood swings or even depression


21 I suffer from a chronic illness


Your test is now in the analysis. The evaluation will then be created free of charge for you personally. This can take up to 15 minutes.

We will inform you by e-mail if you can call up your evaluation:




Benefits They May Have When Going For A Detox

  • Better mood
  • Healthier connective tissue
  • Increase in concentration
  • Increased energy and alertness
  • More well-being
  • Optimized sleep
  • Organs can work better
  • Regulation of the hormonal system
  • Stronger immune system
  • Sublimated nutrient absorption
  • Improved digestion
  • rejuvenation [6]

The cause of the accumulation of toxins in the body

It is perfectly normal that there are toxins in water, air and food. However, the amount of pollutants has increased massively.

The European Union examined 4,000 mothers and children in 17 European countries and found that all people examined are exposed to chemicals. Among other things, extremely harmful substances such as mercury, cadmium and plasticizers were found. [7]


Toxins in the air

Through Industry and increased car and air traffic have significantly increased the amount of environmental toxins in the ambient air. [8] This includes: [9]

  • Nitrogen dioxide
  • Benzpyrene
  • Sulfur dioxide
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Benzene
  • Barium
  • Strontium
  • lead
  • and many other highly toxic substances

Pesticides in the air
Current studies show that due to the unrestrained use of pesticides there is now no place in the DACH region in which no pesticides can be detected in the air. Pesticide residues are even measured at the North Pole. [10]

Even living and working rooms too, pollution from toxins in the air is increasing. furniture, walls, floors and textile products include: [11]

  • Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA)
  • formaldehyde
  • Phenolic resins
  • Phthalic acid ester
  • VOCs
  • PCBs
  • Pyrethroids


Toxins in food

That the toxicity in food has also increased significantly [12], is certainly not a surprise for you.

Today’s vegetables contain up to 2000 times more crop protection residues than in 1980. [13] It is not uncommon for just one food item to contain 30 different pesticides or more. [14] Animals also eat feed that has been treated with pesticides. Accordingly, we also consume harmful chemicals through consumption of meat. [15]

Attention organic!
Organic food is also contaminated with chemicals. Pesticides are distributed in the air and of course end up in fields of organic agriculture. [16]

In addition to pesticides, foods are now often contaminated with other toxins: [17]

  • Acrylamide (arises when processing from 170 degrees; fried foods, cakes, margarine, coffee, etc. are contaminated)
  • Heavy metals and dioxin (often found in food through industrial processing, contaminated soil and water, but pesticides also contain heavy metals)
  • Benzpyrene (mainly formed when grilling)
  • Arsenic (especially in animals, fish and in soils)
  • Drug residues (in meat from conventional farming)
  • Nitrate (through phosphorus fertilization) and nitrosamines (especially through curing salt)
  • Benzpyrene (produced by grilling and smoking)
  • Aflatoxins (tasteless, found in many different foods, e.g. in corn, rice or oils)
  • Other poisons in flavor enhancers, colors, flavors and preservatives

Parasites can also enter the body through food. Here you can find out everything about it:

Toxins in drinking water

Toxins also enter the cycle via the tap water. The waterworks are not able to completely purify the water from the massive amounts of poison. [18] And that’s perfectly legal then:

The Drinking Water Ordinance stipulates that tap water is only tested for 32 of over 30,000 water-soluble pollutants! For example, the water is not tested for drug residues or microplastics at all. [19]

In addition, the water is only tested in the factory. On the way to the households, however, it still flows through supply pipes, which release substances into the water. [20] In addition to viruses and bacteria, this also includes parasites:

The pollutants that can be found in the water include: [21]

  • Perfluorinated surfactants
  • Drug residues (e.g. cytostatics, blood lipid lowering drugs, analagetics, anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics)
  • uranium
  • Bioactive hormones (e.g. estrogen from residues of the birth control pill)
  • antimony
  • Micropastic
  • Industrial chemicals
  • chlorine
  • lead
  • Nitrite and nitrate (in the soil from agriculture)
  • Plasticizers
  • Flame retardants
  • Drug residues

Many of the toxic substances end up in en masse as they are flushed down the toilet. For example drugs or drugs. [22]

Warning! Boiling water reduces the microbial content of the water, but not the pollutants. [23]


Parasites in the body

Almost everyone suffers from parasites, often without realizing it. Worms and flukes can in all organs Of the body live and permanently release toxins there. [24] In doing so, they inhibit the local immune system from spreading. [25] Parasites secrete the following toxins: [26]

  • mercury
  • Aluminium
  • arsenic
  • Potassium cyanide
  • ammonia
  • Glycosidases
  • neurotoxic proteases
  • Botulinum toxin
  • Solanine


Caution! As long as there are parasites in the body, detoxification is pointless, as the body continues to be heavily intoxicated. Now check if you are affected by parasites. You can do this quickly and easily with our free parasite test:


If you hear for the first time about parasites in humans here and now, then we urgently recommend you to study the subject. Everything that you need to know about the topic has been summarized on an easy-to-read website for you.

Now scroll this page completely:



Other sources of poison for humans

Clothing (over 700 “textile auxiliaries” known; studies show that these chemicals accumulate in organs. Glyxol, PCB, PFOA, emulsion paints, trichlorobenzene, formaldehyde, and many more) [27]

Smoking conventional cigarettes (pesticides, chromium, benzene, arsenic, dioxin and up to 4800 other substances) [28]

Alcohol consumption [29]

Industrial poisons (e.g. when working in industrial production) [30]

cosmetics, Shampoo, deodorant, shower gel, toothpaste (parabens, mineral oil, pesticides, microplastics, bisphenol A and triclosan) [31]

vaccination (e.g. aluminum compounds) [32]

Dental fillings (e.g. mercury) [33]


Promote all of the poisons mentioned here Parasites in the body. [34] And these in turn permanently release toxins into the organism. [35]


Detoxify the body: this is what you need to pay attention to



As already here Listed in this article, parasites permanently release toxins into the body. [36]

If there are parasites in the body, detoxification must always begin with the removal of worms, flukes and protozoa.

Only when you have freed yourself from the parasites can you begin to free your body from the toxins, which accumulate due to environmental factors and parasites have.

Many people are infected with one or the other parasite, usually without realizing it. [37]

The first step for you now is to find out whether you are suffering from an (unnoticed) parasite infestation. We recommend our informative parasite test. In a few minutes you will have clarity as to whether you could be affected.

You will also receive a detailed, individual evaluation. You will learn which parasites can be found in which organs, how the parasites could harm you and which concrete measures you take can undertake.

The parasite test is, like every service of our non-profit Swiss association, free of charge.


To diagnose parasites in a laboratory test is difficult and tedious. It takes great effort and a lot of know how from the medical staff.

If you are interested in why this is why parasites are almost never diagnosed by the doctor, then watch our video:

Did you like the video? In our Parasite Academy we provide many more interesting videos on the subject. If you have looked at the Academy, you have a fantastic basic understanding about parasites in humans. Like every service provided by the non-profit Swiss association “Parasite Free”, the Parasite Academy is free of charge.

The detox cure:


Step 1: parasite clean

As explains in detail in the last paragraph, the first step of the detox program must always be a removal of parasites.

The most effective and most effective way is to use a systemic parasite cure. In such a case, all organs are freed from all parasites.

You can find out exactly how a parasite cure works here:


We strongly advise against taking medication against parasites because...

  • they do not work systemically, but always only specifically against individual parasites in a certain organ
  • with serious side effects are to be expected
  • a sustainable liberation from parasites is not at all possible

If you want to find out more about why this is so, we recommend reading our technical article on this topic:


What you absolutely have to pay attention to in a parasite clean

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right parasite treatment. You can find it here.

Very important is to know the following in advance:

If parasites are carelessly killed, they give up theirs stored poisons free.

This puts even more toxins into the body.

That is why you should make sure to carry out a professional parasite cure, which kills parasites gently and completely binds released toxins.

A comparison of all available parasite treatments can be found here:

You also have to make sure that the parasite cure has a systemic effect and ideally also contains a detox and colon cleansing.

Important! If you are doing a parasite regimen that already includes a body detox, you can save yourself step 2. Then you’ve killed two birds with one stone!

You can find such a parasite treatment here:


Step 2: get rid of all toxins in the body

If you are doing a parasite cure which has included a complete detoxification of the body, step 2 is no longer necessary.

As with the parasite cure in terms of “parasites”, we also recommend systemic drainage for pure detoxification. Because all organs of the body are affected and should be freed from all toxins.

Especially the fat tissue, the intermediate tissue, the connective tissue and the nerve tissue. But also the excretory organs are poison depots:

The liver is mainly intoxicated by fat-soluble poisons such as chloroform and chemical substances such as drug residues. [38]
Water-soluble toxins such as preservatives or oxalic acid are preferentially stored in the kidneys. [39]

A popular depository for fluoride, chlorine, phosphor, lead, mercury or < strong>Thallium are stomach and intestines. [40]

Aluminum not only gets into the bones, but also into the lungs and even the brain. [41]

We therefore advise against cures that only detoxify individual organs.

However, if you would specifically detoxify individual organs, we also provide instructions for this. To do this, click here.

Measures to detoxify the body

Note! All practices mentioned here should be followed for 12 weeks.


1. Detoxification through the feet

The easiest way to get toxins out of the whole body is through the feet. The outflow of the lymph ends there and the toxins can be pulled out. [42]

Note! We strongly advise against using “detox patches”. Find out more

To extract toxins from the whole body through the feet, we recommend the following practices:

Soda foot bath

You need:
– baking soda
– zeolite

Add 3 teaspoons of baking soda to a foot bath and stir the water until the powder is completely dissolved. Then add 1 teaspoon of zeolite to the water. This is important to bind the released toxins. Otherwise, they could be reabsorbed through the skin. Finally, add 1 teaspoon of DMSO to the foot bath. This substance promotes the exchange of acids and bases. Do the foot bath for an hour every day.


Onion socks

You need:
– onions
– socks
– Thick wool socks

Overnight application: put on just before going to bed and take out after getting up. Cut the onion into approx. 1 cm thick slices and heat them up slightly to a comfortable temperature. For example, place it on a hot water bottle. The onions are fixed under the soles of the feet with normal socks. Then thick woolen socks are pulled over them to keep body heat. The onion draws the toxins out of the body through the feet. When the socks are removed, the onions are full of toxins and should be disposed of with household waste. Do not flush down the toilet. Use this measure every night for the entire 12 weeks.

2. Detoxification through the intestines

The body tries to get rid of toxins (especially overnight) by detoxifying pollutants in the intestines. The intestine has the ability to absorb substances. Because of this, many toxins are returned to the bloodstream. We now bind the toxins in the intestines and channel them out of the body.


Drink a glass of water with 1 tablespoon of bentonite every evening before going to bed. Make sure to consume plenty of pure water afterwards.


clove of garlic

You can insert a peeled clove of garlic rectally every night before bed. To make this easier, it is advisable to use a little oil. The poisons are stored in the garlic. When you go to the toilet in the morning, the clove of garlic is excreted again. One advantage of the garlic clove is that it also draws toxins from the portal vein.


3. Detox by mouth

Overnight, the body detoxifies not only in the intestines, but also in the mouth. That means your mouth is full of toxins in the morning. If you are not aware of this, the toxins get back into the organism through morning drinking and breakfast. We therefore recommend the following measures:

Tongue cleaning

The tongue in particular contains many detoxified products in the morning. The organ can be freed from bacteria and unwanted substances with a tongue cleaner immediately after getting up. To do this, pull the tongue cleaner from the back to the front over the tongue until no more substances come off.


Oil pulling

The old Ayurvedic principle of oil pulling can be used to remove toxins from the tissues of the mouth. To do this, you take a tablespoon of virgin organic olive oil in your mouth and rinse it for 3 minutes. Then you spit the oil into a handkerchief. The oil is now full of toxins and shouldn’t be thrown in the toilet. Every 3 days you increase the length of the oil pulling until 15 minutes are reached. You then remain at this current value. After oil pulling, you rinse your mouth with warm water and then brush your teeth regularly. We recommend toothpaste without fluoride.

4. Dissolve and excrete toxins from organs and tissues

Brine in warm water

A cheap and at the same time very effective way of systemically releasing and excreting toxins from the body is through warm water with brine. First you make a brine. That is very easy:

  • Place 3 medium-sized salt crystal chunks in a 1l glass with a cap
  • Fill the glass with water from Lauretana or osmosis water
  • After a day, a brine is created

For an effective detox you can drink two glasses of warm water (about 38 ° C) with a teaspoon of the brine every morning.



The green alga is a small detox miracle and should not be missing in the detox cure. Chlorella dissolves many toxins from organs and tissues. Therefore, you should start taking it carefully. First one pellet and then increase by 1 to 5 each day. There is no upper limit. As long as you are feeling well, you can consume 50 tablets a day or more.



Another alga with universal detoxification properties is the brown alga kelp. Among other things, it contains a lot of iodine, which can trigger a detox reaction in the body. Not everyone can tolerate large amounts of iodine. That is why we would proceed cautiously here too. First one pellet and then slowly increase. In our experience, if well tolerated, you can take up to five 500mg kelp tablets a day.

5. General tips

Drink plenty of water

Many toxins are released during a detox cure. These must be removed. This works by drinking pure water. We recommend slightly remineralized osmosis water or Lauretana water. We explain why tap water is counterproductive in a detoxification regimen here.


Poisons bind with zeolite

During a detox regimen, toxins are inevitably released. These must be bound. In our experience, the powdered volcanic rock zeolite is suitable for this. We recommend taking a tablespoon with plenty of water every morning. If you wake up in the morning with a headache or other detox symptoms, you can also drink a tablespoon of zeolite with plenty of water before going to bed.



In a detox regimen, nutrition is more of a secondary concern. Nevertheless, you can support the detox with it. We recommend a plant-based diet with a high proportion of raw vegetables.

Important! Never consume raw vegetables without first cleaning them of microbes. You can find more information about this here.



Any food intake interrupts the body’s detoxification process. Therefore, we would consume fewer meals as part of the detox. The Warrior Diet, in which you do not consume solid food for 18 hours, or intermittent fasting, in which you do not eat for 16 hours, is ideal. Vegetable juice fasting is also well suited.


Healing crisis

It can happen that side effects such as headaches, circulatory problems, stomach problems or a feeling of weakness occur as part of the detoxification cure. This is a healing crisis. Should this happen, we would reduce the detoxifying substances and instead take more zeolite or drink water. A colonic irrigation with clean water often helps in acute cases.


Step 3: reduce your intake of toxins

If parasites (step 1) and poisons (step 2) have been removed from the body, care should be taken in step 3 that the organ system does not continue to contain toxins becomes overloaded.

You should interrupt the permanent “poison stream” as much as possible. For this it is absolutely crucial to avoid the causes for the accumulation of toxins in the body as much as possible.

There is no avoiding the fact that the body absorbs harmful substances anyway. You can support the removal with the permanent intake of the following means:


This finely ground lava rock acts like a sponge and absorbs toxins in the body.

Zeolite also releases important minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and silica. It promotes intestinal activity, the immune system and protects the cells from free radicals. [43]
Drinking plenty of water increases the cleansing power.


This weathered volcanic ash can absorb toxins from the digestive system, have a harmonizing effect on the intestinal environment, activate the self-healing powers and relieve the liver, kidneys and intestines. Once bound, the toxins can no longer be absorbed. [44]

Healing earth

This powder is obtained from loess deposits from the Ice Age. Used internally, it is effective against heartburn and acid-related stomach problems, as excess stomach and gallic acid are bound. Applied externally as a mask, healing earth can soak up sebum, dirt particles and bacteria. [45]


This charcoal is a natural product made from coconut shells. Similar to zeolite and bentonite, it acts like a sponge and is able to bind toxins in the intestine. [46]

Detox with home remedies

Before you find out more, we recommend that you check whether you need a detox and if so, in what form. Click here:


Detoxification Patch

So-called detox patches, which are stuck to the soles of the feet overnight, are supposed to suck toxic waste out of the body through the skin. In fact, the discoloration that you can see the next day is because your feet are sweating and the patch contains a powder that reacts with water and turns into brown phlegm.


Detoxify with water

From a chemical point of view, water acts as a solvent, transport and cleaning agent. It promotes purification, transports nutrients and eliminates waste products.

However, this transport process is only possible if the water itself is not already contaminated with impurities.
Only pure water is recommended for body detoxification. Because it is free from contaminants such as pesticides, drug residues, microplastics, nitrate and nitrite, heavy metals, PFT, chemical residues, sodium fluoride, uranium and flame retardants.

Suitable water can be bought as well as produced yourself with a reverse osmosis system or a distillator. [47]

But of course, detoxification with water alone is not enough. First, the causative burden: parasites must be removed.


Detoxify with tea

Drinking so-called detox teas should help the blood to flush out harmful substances.
Our grandmothers used nettle tea for this purpose. Elimination via the kidneys can thus be stimulated.

Green tea contains, among other things, antioxidants, amino acids, minerals and trace elements, which are important for a detox cure. It stimulates the metabolism, aids digestion, accelerates fat burning and its deacidifying and detoxifying effect contributes to the elimination of undesirable substances. [48]

Detoxify with Schüssler salts

In the case of Dr. W. H. Schüßler therapy, homeopathically dosed minerals are used to transmit biochemical information to the sick cells and to restore the balance. [49]

The Schüssler salt number 4, potassium chloratum, is suitable for supporting liver detoxification. It regulates the excretion of toxins via the lymphatic system and the kidneys.

The intake of Kalium choloratum alternating with Kalium sulfurikum (No. 6) or Natrium sulfuricum (No. 10) supports detoxification in general. [50]


Detox via food

Which foods detoxify the body?

  • Seaweed
  • chili
  • Green leaf vegetables
  • ginger
  • garlic
  • coriander
  • turmeric
  • Wild herbs (especially nettle)


During a detox cure, coffee, cigarettes, sugar and white flour, but also animal products, must be avoided.

Herbs and green vegetables in particular should be included in recipes due to their chlorophyll content.

For example: wild garlic, broccoli, zucchini, green asparagus, spinach and celery. The bitter substances in dandelion and artichokes, for example, stimulate the function of the liver and support fat metabolism.


Fasting is about stopping eating and drinking plenty of water.

One advantage is that additional detoxification measures are effectively supported.

Practically every poison withdrawal such as nicotine or alcohol is much easier when accompanied by fasting. But detoxification is also possible without fasting. [51]

Deacidify the body

Permanent deacidification is only possible in a parasite-free organism, because the metabolic end products of parasites are acids that are permanently released into the system. The mere consumption of basic foods is therefore ineffective.


Detoxification of toxic metals (popularly: heavy metals)

Important note: It is often said that one should rid the body of heavy metals. From a biochemical point of view, this is not correct. A substance with a density higher than 5.0 g / cm³ is called a heavy metal. But these metals are not all toxic: iron, gold, rhenium or osmium are important trace elements that should not be discharged. Aluminum e.g. is a light metal and yet highly toxic.


Detoxify mercury

One of the most common forms of poisoning is mercury poisoning due to amalgam fillings. In the past, this filling material contained up to 50% of the toxic heavy metal and currently still 3%. [52]

To adequately rid the organism of mercury, a parasite treatment is essential. Because parasites store the heavy metal and permanently release it into the body.

Warning! If the dentist removes the fillings without sufficient protective measures, this can lead to massive mercury poisoning.


After a parasite cure has been completed, mercury can be detoxified with the following measure:

1. Detoxification with wild garlic, coriander and chlorella

  • For the entire time: take up to 20 Chlorella pellets daily (increase slowly)
  • For 30 days: 20 drops of wild garlic tincture 3 times a day
  • 10 days: up to 5 drops of coriander tincture twice a day and 20 drops of wild garlic tincture 3 times a day
  • Another 30 days: break from taking wild garlic and coriander

We recommend taking zinc and MSM in addition to Chlorella.

warning! We recommend having this detoxification cure accompanied by a specialized therapist.


2. Chelation therapy with a doctor or alternative practitioner

“Chelat” comes from the Greek “Chele”, which translates as crab claws. It is a chemical process in which a chelator clasps and removes mercury (and other heavy metals, including healthy people like iron).

Warning! This type of therapy is not selective and also removes important trace elements. These have to be added again after the therapy.


Detoxify aluminum

We absorb toxic heavy metals and aluminum through our food, especially fish, indoor food but also through conventionally produced fruit and vegetables. This damages our cells, impairs blood formation and also stresses the heart and brain. [53]

Parasites eat the ingested metals and the body can no longer excrete them. Only after Removing the parasites therefore, the rejection of aluminum makes sense. [54]


Detoxify aluminum with silicon

After performing a Parasitenkur aluminum can be diverted with silicon. The trace element not only frees the body from the light metal, but also protects it from being absorbed again.

We recommend taking a teaspoon of high-quality, natural silicon powder in water 3 times a day.



Detoxify individual organs: this is how it works

Detoxify liver and bile

The first step in a liver cleanse should be removal of the common liver fluke. This also affects the function of the bile.

You can easily find out whether you suffer from the liver fluke using our free parasite test:

A holistic, systemic parasite cure refers not only to cleansing the intestines, but also to the liver and bile.


Liver and gallbladder cleansing

After the liver has been freed from parasites by a parasite cleanse, a liver and gallbladder cleanse can be carried out to remove all toxins from these organs.

Start cleaning on a weekend when you can stay at home.
Start on a Friday before that weekend and drink a liter of apple juice a day between meals for a week. During this time, eat vegan and alcohol-free if possible.
It starts on the following Friday. Have a juice or smoothie in the morning. At lunchtime, you should only eat cooked vegetables with white rice. You are not allowed to eat after 2 p.m. You are also not allowed to drink anything after 6 p.m. In the evening, dissolve 4 tablespoons of Epsom salt in 800 ml of water and put the mixture in the refrigerator.

The next morning, squeeze 3 grapefruits and sift out the juice so that no solid components remain. Mix 190ml of the juice with 125ml of extra virgin olive oil. The liver is mainly intoxicated by fat-soluble poisons such as chloroform and chemical substances such as drug residues. Mix both liquids well.

Carrying out the liver and gall bladder cleansing:

Friday evening 6 p.m .: Drink 200 ml of the Epsom salt liquid.

8 p.m .: Drink another 200 ml of the Epsom salt liquid.

10:00 p.m.: Drink grapefruit and olive oil mixture and then lie down immediately (immediately). This is the only way the effect works. Sleep and don’t get up for the next few hours.

The elimination of the toxins should begin the next day. Drink plenty of pure water.


Saturday morning 6:00 am: The third drink 200ml Epsom salt

8:00 a.m.: Drink the last 200ml Epsom salt

From 10 a.m.: You can drink juices again

For lunch: there can be a warm soup

Saturday night: A light meal of steamed vegetables and rice is okay.

Sunday: Normal nutrition can be resumed.


Gehirn entgiften

Coriander is said to mobilize the toxins stored in the central nervous system and other body tissues. The active ingredients in coriander herb can cross the blood-brain barrier. In this way it can support a detoxification of the brain.

However, it is particularly important to ensure that the toxins that are put into circulation are adequately bound.

Detoxify kidneys

To support the kidneys, a tea made from nettle leaves, nettle root, bearberry leaves, fennel seeds, goldenrod, hydrangea root, water hemp root and chicory herb can be drunk. [54]




In neurodermatitis, the organism fights the spreading fungi that have colonized the organs. The body tries to transport the mycelium and dispose of it via the shortest route. The fungi are after accumulation in lymph via the skin, intestines, vagina, tonsils, mouth & amp; Excreted nose. Ointments only clog the pores and a suitable detox regimen could help. [55]

First of all, it is necessary to absolutely abstain from alcohol so that the liver can regenerate. The body’s own cleansing process can be supported by fasting and herbal remedies that contain e.g. artichoke leaves, barberry root bark, oak bark, dandelion root, milk thistle, licorice root and yam root.

Alcohol increases the absorption of fat-soluble toxins. [56] The exact duration depends on gender, age and weight . Therefore, there are only rough guidelines for how long it takes the body to break down alcohol.

Men break down an average of 0.15 per mille of alcohol per hour, while it is 0.13 per mille for women. [57]

Nicotine has a reinforcing effect on the toxins in the body. [58]

The following medicinal plants help detoxify the lungs:

  • Eucalyptus
  • Mullein
  • Oregano
  • Peppermint
  • Thyme

Inhalation is the most effective. [59]

Yes, within a detox cure you pay attention to a healthy diet and reduce your calorie intake or even fast completely. This allows waste products and toxins to be excreted.

Yes, the feet can be bathed in a large bowl with 37 ° C warm water and 1 packet of baking soda. The foot bath should last at least 30 – 60 minutes.

The funds to be acquired from the pharmacy do not have a causal effect.

That’s why we recommend our 3 Steps program.

Products from drugstores and health food stores by no means eliminate the cause of insufficient self-regeneration of the body. For this reason we recommend a 3 step program for body detox.

In order to detoxify not only quickly but also effectively, an anti-parasitic cure is essential. Parasites permanently release toxins and heavy metals to the organism. As long as this “poison stove” exists in the body, there is no way to cleanse the body sustainably.

You can find out exactly how a parasite cure works and what you have to pay attention to here:

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