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Step-by-step instructions for a healthy bowel

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colon cleansing can improve overall health to a degree that hardly any other measure. In modern medicine, the intestine is considered to be the “seat of health“.

Guila Enders describes the intestine in her bestseller “Gut mit Charme” as a “fabulous being full of sensitivity, responsibility and willingness to perform.”

Regardless of whether “butterflies in the stomach” or stomach pains with stress and fear – the intestines play a decisive role in ours Emotional life.

Facts about the intestine:

  • At 6 – 8 meters, the intestine is the longest organ in humans.
  • 100 trillion useful bacteria keep us healthy.
  • The intestine is the seat of the immune system: Over 80% of all immune cells in the body are in this organ.
  • The happiness hormone serotonin is 90% formed in the intestine: Only those who have a healthy intestine can experience the full happiness of life.
  • In addition, the intestine is directly connected to the brain: Our thoughts and feelings are decisive for intestinal health dependent.
  • The amount of energy available to the body depends, among other things, on the intestine. Because there the food is cut up and consumed.
  • The intestine produces enzymes, hormones and vitamins that control millions of processes in the body. immune system, mental health, skin quality , performance and much more is the condition of the intestine dependent.
  • The intestines also protect us from pathogens. We always ingest microorganisms through the digestive tract. A healthy bowel prevents pathogenic microbes from entering the bloodstream. A sick, permeable intestine (Leaky Gut) cannot do this, which can result in illness.

What makes the intestine sick:

  • Pathogens fungi and parasites in the intestine.
  • Parasites have the following properties that damage the intestines:
  • Parasites eat positive intestinal bacteria and support with pathogenic bacteria in the intestine.
  • They form a biofilm that damages the intestine in many ways. Further information can be found in our specialist article "Biofilm in humans".
  • In addition, they release toxins into the intestine, which intestinal peristalsis (mobility) slows and damages the intestinal wall and causes feces to remain in the intestine.
  • They eat nutrients from the chyme of the intestine, which can lead to a nutrient deficiency. In addition, parasites feed on prohormones, enzymes and vitamins, which are formed in the intestine.

You wouldn’t believe how many people suffer from parasites in their intestines unnoticed. If you want to find out if you are also affected, click here:

  • Malnutrition: pesticides, sugar, trans fats , Alcohol, coffee. Food that is hostile to the intestine and metabolized by acid, ruin the microbiome, as they destroy positive intestinal bacteria and promote negative bacteria in the intestine. Sugar damages the intestinal wall and promotes inflammation in the intestine. In addition, it allows intestinal fungi and parasites to grow. Pesticides in food and tap water kill beneficial intestinal bacteria.
  • Hectic eating, too little chewing, consumption of food that is difficult to digest: Raw vegetables, legumes, grains. Undigested components of these foods form fusel alcohols. These act as solvents on the tight junctions, which makes the intestine permeable to pathogens. In addition, feces remain in the intestines, which disrupt digestion.
  • Stress, fear, anger, grief . Through the released hormone cocktail, acidic metabolic products reach the intestine, which kill beneficial intestinal bacteria.
  • Medicines, especially antibiotics. A single intake can kill a large part of the positive intestinal bacteria. As a result, the pathogenic bacteria in the intestine take over, which damages the intestinal health. The passive intake of antibiotics (for example through meat from factory farming) can produce this effect.
  • Insufficient hydration. As a result, the intestinal peristalsis (mobility of the intestine) is inhibited, which means that the chyme remains in the intestine for too long. Gases are formed that attack the intestinal wall. In addition, feces can remain in the intestine.

Step-by-step instructions: Natural colon cleansing from home in 5 steps

A professional colon cleansing works in such a way that the colon is first cleansed of unwanted and harmful components. He is then provided with health-promoting measures.

Step 1: removal of the biofilm

Without the drainage of the so-called biofilm, colon cleansing is pointless. The biofilm is a layer of mucus (film) created by parasites and bacteria, which is firmly connected to the intestinal wall. In the viscous mass harmful bacteria and parasites protect themselves from the immune system of the intestine. The mucus layer can only be removed from the intestine with special measures. You can read exactly how this works in our specialist article “Biofilm in humans“:

Pathogenic agents protect themselves in the intestinal biofilm

Step 2: removal of parasites

The elimination of parasites from the intestine is an elementary component of an effective intestinal cleansing. Since parasites produce toxic mucus and gases and inhibit the positive intestinal bacteria, any cleaning measures are ineffective if there are still parasites in the intestine. To remove parasites from the intestine, we recommend performing a holistic parasite cure.

Important information
Serious parasite cures already include the removal of the biofilm, colon cleansing and colon cleansing. Thus, you only need a parasite cure and do not have to take any other measures.

How such a parasite cure is structured and what you have to pay attention to when performing it can be found in our large parasite cure guide:

Step 3: cleansing the intestines

In the third step, the intestine is cleared of impurities. enemas or laxatives (e.g. cassia fistula or Glauber’s salt) can be used for this purpose. A holistic parasite treatment contains this step anyway.

Step 4: building the microbiome

For intestinal health the presence of positive intestinal bacteria is essential. These must be filled in the fourth step. Regular consumption of fermented food, for example sauerkraut or kimchi, is ideal for this. This step is also already included in a holistic parasite cure.

Step 5: adjusting the lifestyle

To maintain a long-term healthy intestine, colon cleansing or sanitation is not sufficient. The lifestyle must be beneficial for intestinal health. This includes: good nutrition, lots of good water, exercise, avoiding stress, and enough sleep.

Psyllium husks & Co.: Can you clean the intestines?

Taking psyllium husks (or flaxseed or flaxseed flour) can improve intestinal peristalsis. The reason for this is the special fiber contained in psyllium husks. Since the bowls can absorb a lot of liquid and form a large surface, it is important to drink enough water to drink. Otherwise the opposite effect can occur and the psyllium husks clog the intestines.

Dietary fiber is not good for the intestines per se. A lot of fiber, for example from grain, is harmful to the intestines and is of no benefit.

As is clear from the context of the article, ingesting psyllium husks is just a small supporter in colon cleansing. Taking it alone, without considering the other factors in the instructions, is ineffective.

Colon cleansing experiences

The experiences with a colon cleansing according to our instructions are outstanding. Here we have collected and published some field reports in the form of videos:

Colon cleansing can help solve the following cosmetic and health problems:

  • Losing weight, weight loss
  • Improve acne
  • Alleviate skin diseases
  • Stop hair loss
  • Eliminate bloating / bloating
  • End constipation and/or diarrhea
  • Relieve indigestion
  • Reduce cravings
  • Improve the immune system
  • Overcome anxiety and panic attacks
  • Overcome Depression
  • Improve mood, increase feeling of happiness
  • Generate inner peace
  • Get rid of itching on the anus
  • Overcome chronic fatigue
  • More energy and performance

FAQ: Short question, short answer about colon cleansing

No, cleaning with laxatives (cassia fistula, Glauber’s salt, Epsom salt, castor oil) can replace an enema. Another alternative is colon hydrotherapy by alternative practitioners.

Eine Parasitenkur, including colon cleansing, is sufficient. However, it is crucial that the lifestyle is adjusted after the cure.

We recommend an irrigator without plastic. We use the premium enema set from Ebenthal.

Yes of course. We recommend that a parasite cleanse be performed immediately. Instructions on how such a regimen works can be found here.

An initial aggravation is possible, but not the rule. If a gentle, professional Parasitenkur is used to cleanse the intestines, there are usually no side effects.

Effective colon cleansing is complex. Professional providers ensure that the cure is highly tolerable, pleasant to carry out and is highly effective. You will find the best providers here.

From the context of this article it should be apparent that individual remedies such as those available from DM do not result in effective cleansing of the bowel.

Yes absolutely. By taking antibiotics, positive intestinal bacteria are killed. These need to be replenished. If there are still parasites in the intestine, they must first with the help of a parasite treatment.

Cleansing the intestines is a complex measure. The use of individual home remedies shows no noticeable effect. See this article for instructions.

Just supportive. Important measures such as a parasite cure or the removal of the biofilm are essential.

Since this product cannot parasites and the Biofilm, a complete colon cleansing is not possible with this product alone.

Healing clay can be a good addition to cleansing the intestines, but it cannot replace it. To do this, see the instructions in this article.

Yes, in any case. The moment you fast, you relieve the intestines. He can take a breather, so to speak. If, however, no further measures are taken, the effect will fizzle out. Because the intestine is not automatically cleaned of biofilm, parasites and fecal residues through fasting.

Yes, but we prefer the natural variant: Cassia Fistula.

They are all useful helpers, but they are of no use as long as there are parasites and biofilm in the intestine. Please take a look at the instructions in this article.

None of these people address the biofilm and do not offer effective methods of removing parasites in the intestine. Therefore, we do not consider the protocols to be valid methods of cleansing the bowel.

Please take a look at the step-by-step instructions on this page.

Since all of these cures do not take biofilm into account (as it wasn’t a problem back when these methods first emerged), they are not effective for people today. Take a look at the instructions in this article.

Yes, that is possible. In this case, we recommend replacing the enema with natural laxatives. Our favorite is the Cassia Fistula plant.

A parasite cleanse is usually carried out for between 6 and 12 weeks. A single treatment should be sufficient if the lifestyle is adjusted afterwards.

Look, the intestines were not contaminated “quickly” either. One cannot expect to spontaneously heal something that has been damaged over the long term. Count on at least 6 weeks.

Yes absolutely. The surface expands and this increases the effectiveness. Make sure, however, that you drink enough with it. Otherwise, constipation may result.

We recommend fermented vegetables like kimchi or sauerkraut.

Yes, it is often parasites in the intestines that prevent weight loss. More information can be found here.

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