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Dear Reader,

a normal Monday morning in the office of the Swiss Parasite Free Association often begins with 500 unread emails and a Google calendar in which 60 consultations are planned for the day are. The need for help with parasitic infestation is enormous.

In our counseling sessions we learn a lot about these people. Many have had a real odyssey behind them and have already gained numerous experiences with parasite cures. The reason why they turn to us for advice is obvious: Die Parasite cure did not work or at least did not work in the long term. This is because most products and regimens are practically ineffective.

In our experience, a well thought-out, systemic parasite cure has unbelievable healing potential. For this reason, a careful selection of the cure is elementary. We have written a specialist article on how a thorough and holistic cure has to be designed. Click here for the article:

The real experiences with a parasite cleanse

In the association we receive daily videos and voice messages from people who share their parasite cure experience with us. We received permission to publish some videos. Since we are a ad-free platform, we ask for your forbearance that we not specify which parasite cleanse was carried out in each case.

The following testimonials impressively show that the decision to carry out a parasite cure is probably one of the most important decisions in terms of health in the 21st century.

Strength, life energy & full hair

Despite a good diet, Mario had no motivation to get up in the morning. He was chronically tired and listless. In addition, his hair began to fall out and the young man’s receding hairline was getting bigger. Nothing helped. Mario decided to do a parasite cleanse and what happened next is hard to believe…

Overcome chocolate addiction

Janina suffered from a massive addiction to chocolate and could not resist it. Also, her stomach swelled so that she was thought to be pregnant. It was very stressful for her. Janina started with a parasite cleanse and shares her experience in this video…

Immune system on a new level

For Maja, the motivation to carry out a parasite cure was her demanding everyday life. For this they wanted to gain more life energy. She got this energy, but also significantly more

Symptom-free after a 15-year medical marathon

Miriam was tormented by severe symptoms: Constant acidification of the muscles, digestive disorders, bloated stomach, severe poor eyesight, severe hair loss, massive weight gain and more. In 15 years she visited 32 specialists because of her complaints and tried everything. Nothing could help her. Then start a parasite cure. Your experience report gives many people hope…

Anxiety disorder and panic attacks overcome

Lisa hardly dared to do anything and was afraid to speak to strangers. She couldn’t even order food in the restaurant. As a result, Lisa was permanently dependent on her boyfriend. She sent us a voice message with her parasite treatment experience and how she is doing now…

Family saved with parasite cure

Stefanie’s husband suffered from Lyme disease. No doctor could help him because the pathogens kept spreading through the body. Because of chronic exhaustion he had to take a 6-month break from work and was about to quit. Then he did a parasite cure…

Fight with intestinal parasite

Pia felt movements in her upper abdomen and had strong cravings for proparasitic food. She excreted the parasite that tormented her and then felt reborn. No more “child movements” and no more cravings. When she examined the parasite in the toilet more closely, she was almost frightened to death…

Goodbye bloated stomach

After every meal, Rocco had a strong bloated stomach whatever he ate. He also suffered from food cravings and excessive hunger. These complaints resolved with the parasite treatment, but also energy level changed. In a field report, Rocco tells us the whole story…

Clear complexion, like a baby

Mario had skin problems like eczema and pimples. Even at the beginning of the parasite cure, his skin was significantly better and towards the end he noticed that he had skin quality, as it was last in his childhood. In addition, he registered some other, unbelievable improvements

Positive lifestyle

Lena kept a record of what changed in the parasite regimen and found that it was a lot. More conscious nutritional decisions, less arguments, less stress and much more. Some health parameters also improved sustainably. In her experience report, she tells us exactly what has changed for her…

More beautiful with parasite cure

Jasmin’s appearance changed completely through the treatment: top figure, thicker hair, better complexion and even her eyes changed…

Got rid of brain parasites

Toni found it difficult to be authentic, i.e. just himself. He also reacted aggressively to little things. He noticed that he could not get rid of this behavior with willpower and felt like externally. Research revealed that parasites could be responsible. His life changed completely after the cure…

Incredible change

Sarah was an emotional eater. If she was feeling bad, she would have resorted to unhealthy food. Now she is a new person and has recorded her career in a field report…

Anus itch: Doctors failed to identify the parasitic cause

For many years Tobias suffered from a severe bloated stomach and anus itch. He overcame his shame and went to doctors who could not find the cause of the itchy anus however. He came across a parasite cure on the Internet, implemented it and what happened next is unbelievable…

Goodbye mood swings

After Susanne got rid of a lot of biofilm and worms, her mood has improved significantly. In addition, she has become more productive and in the experience report on her parasite cure also tells of further improvements, such as more energy. Now she feels good all around…

More self-love

In the past, Ariana did everything to please others, but not take care of herself. Now she makes self-determined decisions and only does what feels right to her. She has become more self-loving overall. All of her other improvements are wonderful too. E.g. she lost 10kg so that she reached her ideal weight and has kept it to this day and much more

Harmonious marriage regained

Manuela hadn’t expected that. Her house dust mite allergy and her migraines were resolved by a parasite cure. But what happened to their marriage is unbelievably great. Your experiences can give courage to other people who are in the same, stuck situation with the partner…

No more lunchtime tiredness

As a single mother, Sabine has a stressful everyday life. This drained her to such an extent that she had to take a nap every day. She also had difficulty concentrating and suffered from forgetfulness. Her intestine was also disturbed. She was able to fix all of that and a lot more

Clear mind & more intelligence

Actually, Marvin had no symptoms that indicated a parasite infestation. He only took the cure out of solidarity with his girlfriend. After the cure, he noticed that he was getting better in his studies. What he eliminated through the cure is the size of a man

Liberation of Thought

It was only through the parasite treatment that Sandra noticed that she was full of worms. In the experience report, she tells of massive changes, including in her brain. The world is now truly different than before. What Sandra eliminated vaginally also terrified her…

Self-confidence & career

We leave this report uncommented. Because it speaks for itself

Free & energetic

One of many improvements was that Simeon finally felt free again. It is an incredible feeling to be master of your own body again. Also, something changed in his thinking

Parasite cure pregnant

Laura and her husband had tried everything to get pregnantnothing worked. They had already shelved having a child. However, her hormonal system was regulated through a parasite discharge…

Concentration & serenity

At Jo’s many things, on various levels improved through the course: More performance at work, more concentrated and longer work in one go, less need for sleep, more calm even in stressful situations and much more. Jo’s appearance has also improved…

Regained courage to face life

Marianne had tried everything to lose weight. But only a parasite cure brought the pounds tumbling. In her experience report, Marianne tells how her whole life changed for the better through the course…

The start of raw food nutrition

Manon tried again and again to eat healthier. His goal was a vegan raw food diet. But again and again he fell back and fed on unhealthy ready-made food. The cure changed a lot for him…

Freed from worms and fungi

Agnieta cleaned her body with a parasite cure completely. In addition to rope worms, she excreted large amounts of biofilm and candida. During her period she also eliminated toxic substances

A lot of changes

Mario’s life improved fundamentally with a parasite discharge. He has become more sensitive, has developed a new relationship to his feelings and thinks more positively. He used to need coffee to be awake, not since the cure. He also had massive excretions, which he shows us on the phone. Among other things 1kg parasite slime

Overcome shyness

Jan was a shy person with a social phobia. He would never have thought that this psychological restriction was caused by parasites. His experience report is touching and it is fantastic to see what his life is like today

Confidence and self-determination

Sören feels no longer controlled and has built up more self-confidence by diverting the parasites…

Leap in consciousness

In 6 weeks of treatment, Timo personally has grown a lot. He now has more access to his spirituality and perceives the world more consciously. His jump in consciousness meant that he now listens to his body. In his field report, he talks about the important effects of his heightened awareness…

Improved athletic performance

Marcus is a medical student and amateur boxer. In both disciplines he was able to benefit massively from the parasite diversion…

Huge worm in the toilet

Petra shows us the giant worm that she excreted. It wasn’t until she found it in the toilet that she really realized the importance of a parasite cure

More assertiveness

It started 2 weeks after the start of the treatment and Yvonne eliminated many larger and smaller worms. Since then she has been feeling better and her personality has changed some for the better

Worms in the stool: only parasite cure could help

Marlis’ little daughter suffered from pinworms. The medication from the doctor did not bring long-term success. When Marlis and her husband also got the worms, they started a systemic parasite cure and recorded their experiences on video.

Worms in the nose

After Kevin got rid of large masses of worms and even parasites, he felt a lot better. In the toilet he found proof that parasites are real

No more back pain

The parasite cure was a complete success for Vitus. He got rid of his back pain and could feel further positive effects

Depression cured with a parasite cure

Warning: very emotional! Only listen if you can handle it!
Daniel (32) had been suffering from depressive mood for years and even developed depression. His suffering became so great that he went to see a doctor. He did not recognize the cause and prescribed medication. However, these did not show the expected effect. A visit to a naturopath, alternative medicine and home remedies were also unsuccessful. Then Daniel tried a parasite cure…

How a parasite cure has to be structured so that such successes are possible and how such a cure works exactly, we have summarized in a specialist article:

The parasite cure experiences of our club members

My name is Julia Herbst, author of this article and responsible for communication with those seeking help and press work within the association. Since I am confronted with some questions several times a day, I have compiled a list of FAQs. In first place is clearly the question of the best parasite cure. Here I usually refer to the following specialist articles:

In second place is the question about the experience of our association with various parasite cures or anti-parasitic products. Since my main topics are weighted differently, I consulted the parasite experts Janice Nebel, Kira Tau and Waldemar Mazur. They answer all relevant questions about the topic “Parasite cure experience“:

J.H.: How are your experiences with Dr. Hulda Clark?

T.K.: From what I was told during the consultation, the experiences with Clark are miserable. Money thrown away from my point of view.

J.N.: I wouldn’t put it that drastically. But positive Dr. Hulda Clark testimonials have not been part of my consultation for a long time. The reason for this is that the frequencies of the parasites have long since evolved. So the zapper no longer works. The parasites have already developed resistance to these agents.

K.T.: Not only that. In the meantime, parasites have become significantly more resistant than they were in the 80s. When Dr. Clark would still be alive if she had massively adjusted her parasite regimen. With such a program nothing can be done against the parasites that exist today. The testimonials that I get to hear clearly show that.

W.M.: My Clark experience goes back almost 25 years. Back then, the cure made a difference. However, it cannot compete with modern diversion measures. I admire Dr. Hulda Clark for her pioneering work. The experience reports, especially the Zapper reports, also speak a clear language in my phone calls: Unfortunately, the cure is outdated and no longer helpful.

J.N.: It should also not be forgotten that 20 years ago the problem of biofilms was nowhere near as pronounced as it is today. A parasite cure without biofilm removal can no longer work these days.

J.H.: Everyone agrees. What a blessing that I’m allowed to experience this in my life. * laughs

J.H.: What is your experience of using papaya seeds with your patients?

T.K.: From my point of view, papaya seeds should not be missing in a good parasite regimen.

K.T.: In my experience, papaya kernels are still effective against some types of parasites in the intestine. I therefore see them as an important component in a parasite cure.

J.N.: Dear Julia, is the question aimed at the isolated intake of papaya seeds or as part of a cure?

J.H.: Isolated, in other words, by itself.

J.N.: Because that’s what I thought. I think we can all agree that there is little benefit in taking papaya seeds in isolation. The spectrum of activity is not nearly wide enough for this.

J.H.: Thanks Janice. Are there any empirical values for taking papaya seeds alone?

T.K.: If many of them are consumed, some of the users can definitely get parasites out. So the effectiveness is there. However, I agree with Janice that there are only a few species of parasites that papaya kernels are effective against.

J.N.: And here again the note: If the biofilm is not removed beforehand, the user cannot free himself in the medium term from the species of parasite against which the papaya kernels are effective in isolated form. Because the eggs of the parasites are well protected in the biofilm. Dear Julia, if you get asked such a question again, please refer to the Meta-study, Chapter 14:

J.H.: Do you have testimonials from Alex Green’s parasite cure?

T.K.: Yeah, a lot. It is the best-selling cure in German-speaking countries. Experience has shown that the cure is extremely demanding and expensive. However, those who did it have often seen great health benefits.

J.H.: Do you others also have experiences with the Alex Green cure?

J.N.: Yes, I did it myself. It did me very good. But the feedback from the consultation is that the regimen is too strong. For the normal user who eats conventionally and otherwise leads a life that corresponds to the social norm, it is practically not feasible.

J.H.: How are the experiences with the online parasite treatment ParasiteExperts?

J.N.: So far there have been mostly positive reports. The cure is cheap and easy to carry out, but still effective. That’s the feedback I get.

W.M.: I am currently recommending ParasiteExperts to my patients.

J.H.: Is there any experience of taking glutathione?

K.T.: Taking glutathione doesn’t make any sense at all from my point of view. After a holistic parasite cure, the intercellular glutathione levels are usually regulated anyway.

J.N.: And don’t forget: As long as there are parasites in the system, most of the ingested gluathione is eaten away and the values quickly drop again. So you would have to ingest large amounts of glutathione for the rest of your life.

T.K.: This also reflects my experience. However, intestinal health is one of the decisive factors here. When this is brought back into homeostasis, there is no problem with glutathione either.

W.M.: So I have had positive experiences with intravenous glutathione after a parasite cure. A kind of rejuvenation has occurred. First there was an initial aggravation from high doses of glutathione and then I felt fantastic.

J.H.: What testimonials have you received in relation to the liver and gallbladder cleansing according to Clark or Moritz?

W.M.: Dr. Hulda Clark said back then that a liver cleanse only makes sense if the parasites are removed from the liver beforehand. So I would first do a holistic parasite cleanse and then, if necessary, cleanse the liver and gallbladder.

J.N.: I find it questionable whether there is any need at all. My experience shows that the liver recovers itself after a parasite cure.

J.H.: The liver cleanse is quite the criticism. It is declared as “fake”, pseudoscientific and even dangerous. Do you agree?

T.K.: No, absolutely not. There are plenty of positive experience reports on liver cleansing on the Internet. I have also had positive experiences with the liver cleanse myself. As with a parasite cure, implementation is crucial. If the liver and gall bladder cleansing is used professionally, the criticism of this method is unfounded in my opinion.

J.H.: Did you have experience reports in your consultations regarding treatments by Dr. Got Klinghardt?

W.M.: The methods are good, only the quality of the therapists varies significantly.

J.H.: I am often asked whether there have been positive experiences with ozonated olive oil or Rizol?

K.T.: On its own, ozonated olive oil, as used in liver cleansing, has only a slight effect. I don’t know what the question is about, but ozonated olive oil does not remove parasites from the body. However, it can be a tool as part of a corresponding cure.

J.H.: I am very often asked about turpentine balm. How is your experience here?

J.N.: Balsam turpentine is a double-edged sword. It is effective against certain pathogenic fungi, but only if it is used in higher doses. And these higher amounts can lead to serious poisoning. So I don’t recommend it.

J.H.: What do the experiences show with regard to black walnut or black walnut tincture?

T.K.: As part of a parasite cure, black walnut can be a good addition. But nothing more. In the association we took a closer look at individual remedies, including black walnut: Agents against parasites

J.H.: You have already pointed out that removing the biofilm is essential as part of a parasite cure. What do you think of the Karstädt intestinal detox cure or the Vitamunda intestinal cure? What testimonials do you get?

J.N.: The detox cure is extremely effective and I keep getting exciting reports about it. I have already done it myself and have also achieved positive results. Among other things, I excreted two kilograms of biofilm. So I can recommend the cure.

W.M.: From my point of view, the Vitamunda cure is too expensive.

K.T.: Yes, she’s fine. But the same effects can also be achieved with other means, e.g. with certain intestinal bacteria.

J.N.: I don’t think so, dear Kira. Apart from rock oil, I don’t know of any comparable product.

K.T.: If you dissolve the biofilm with the help of bacteria, it is not so impressive. No “biofilm tubes” come out, as with the Vitamunda cure, and it takes longer. In return, the application is much more pleasant and gentle and the intestinal flora is restored parallel to the breakdown of the biofilm. This is not the case with the detox regimen.

J.N.: Okay, you don’t stop learning. I’ll have to investigate that more closely.

J.H.: Have you been able to gain experience with the anti-parasite product Bactefort?

K.T.: Many people contact me who have tried these stand-alone products, such as Bactefort, Para Smart or Detoxic, and all of them have failed. I don’t get tired of saying that these individual remedies are ineffective against parasites. On the club side, we have already described it in a way that is easy to understand.

Here is the explanation

J.H.: Class, thank you guys. Dear reader, if you have any further questions of this kind, send me an email to: [email protected]

Note: The parasite cure experience reports in this article represent individual cases or individual experiences from private individuals. Such a success can therefore not be expected with certainty and we do not make any promise of healing. Since we do not provide any information about which cures were carried out, the article does not have to be declared as “advertising” and common guidelines that apply to advertising do not apply.

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