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Dear reader,

In this technical article we explain which agents are effective against parasites .
You will find out in this article:
– How parasites fight naturally let
– What to watch out for when taking anti-parasite drugs
– What works better: Medicines or home remedies
– Which drugs are really effective against parasites
– Whether there is scientific evidence (studies) for the effectiveness of agents against parasites
– the answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) on the topic

Fighting parasites naturally: what helps?

There are over 500 effective anti-parasite medicines . The Swiss Parasite Free Association has studies on most of them. From tea tree oil to chilli to grapefruit seed extract we know exactly the effect on parasites.

When assessing the effectiveness in practice, it can be determined that there is actually no “remedy against parasites” at all . This one drug , which works against all endoparasites in the human body, does not exist . It should be borne in mind that humans can harbor parasitic organisms in all organs of the body : in the intestines, in the lungs, in the liver, in the heart and even in the brain. learn more

Parasites can cause inflammation in the brain

In order to determine the right medicinal products or combination, it must first be found out in which organs the parasites are located. The working group of the non-profit association has developed a unique test together with programmers, with which a quick expert assessment can be obtained whether there is a parasitic load and in which organs are the parasites. The test is free of charge for the user.
Click on the button and get an assessment in a few minutes :

Free of charge, funded by donations

Means against parasites: what to look out for?

Individual remedies are usually only effective against a few strains of parasites . In addition, they are – taken on their own – usually not potent enough to induce a permanent liberation from parasites. For this reason, the combination of active ingredients is crucial. A symbiotic association can increase the potency of a drug by up to 2000% . [1]
However, since the stress on the body does not increase in parallel, a significantly higher effectiveness can be achieved. And this is necessary because endoparasites are extremely persistent and can only be reduced to an apathogenic level with difficulty.

An example: the effectiveness of turmeric increases by 2000% when combined with black pepper. Such synergy effects are crucial when selecting the means.

The next challenge we face when trying to get rid of parasites is their evolution . Biologists consider parasitic microbes to be among the most successful living beings on the planet. The Süddeutsche wrote in her article “ Secret rulers ” of an evolutionary model of success and that the parasites are able to adapt to new conditions faster than any other living being. [2] One reason is that parasites many train new generations in a short time . This is how they managed to develop resistances against a growing number of drugs. Many remedies have long been no longer effective . This adaptability is known in medicine from multi-resistant viruses and bacteria . [3]

Another factor that leads to the ingestion of individual substances being ineffective in the medium term is the biofilm . Learn more
This is a viscous mass in the intestine that was formed by microbes such as bacteria and parasites. Those protect themselves from antiparasitic substances in the biofilm, because it is impenetrable for drugs. In addition, helminths lay their eggs in it, because they are protected there. Even if anti-parasitic agents such as papaya seeds, monastery tea, wormwood or cloves are taken for a few weeks, they would not pass through the tough coating . Fighting parasites without draining the biofilm is therefore absurd .

In summary it can be said that some means impotent and in many cases even ineffective against parasites. The intake burdens body and wallet unnecessarily.
For this reason, the Parasitenfrei Schweizer Verein always recommends a holistic parasite cure.

When choosing a parasite treatment, we advise you to consider at least the following four points :
1.) The cure must be current , i.e. take into account the current resistances to active ingredients
2.) The cure must have a holistic effect – i.e. be able to remove all strains in all organs
3.) The remedies against parasites must be symbiotic (mutually potentiating) combined
4.) The biofilm must be completely removed in the course of the cure

As long as this tough film is in the intestine, anti-parasitic measures are ineffective.

The non-profit association has published a Guide in which the currently available parasite cures are compared with each other.
Click on the link and find the right anti-parasite regimen for you :

Parasites: home remedies or medication?

If a parasite infestation occurs, it naturally sounds tempting to take one of the drugs against parasites for a few days and then be cured. Unfortunately, the opposite is the case.

More and more medical experts advise urgently against the drug treatment of parasites (antihelminthics) against .
The reasons for this are as follows :

1.) Medicines work specifically and not systemically
As already mentioned, parasites can live in all organs of the body .
Up to 250 different species populate the human body. [4] A drug like Vermox (tablets, active ingredient: mebendazole ), works only against six parasite genera and can only fight these [5]. Against a large number of common parasites, such as the brain parasite Toxoplasma Gondii, which according to the Robert Koch Institute over 60% of people in the West carry [6], these tablets do not work at all.

2.) The duration of taking the medication is clearly too short
Medicines such as Vermox are only taken for a period of three days . [7] The side effects of this medicine are already falling within these three days collateral ruinous . [8] A prolonged intake without endangering your own health is therefore not possible. Parasite eggs, which are protected in the biofilm, only hatch after 3-12 weeks . [9] At this point the active ingredient is already not more in the system and renewed infestation occurs.

3.) Serious side effects
The side effects of antihelminthics are serious. [10]

Acute side effects can be:
– Stomach pain
– nausea / vomiting
– seizures
– Severe skin reactions (e.g. rash or blisters on the skin)
– Stevens-Johnson syndrome (life-threatening disease in which the skin peels off)
– Toxic epidermal necrolysis (a fatal disease that causes the mucous membranes to become inflamed)

Anti-parasite drugs can cause serious illnesses such as Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

Long-term side effects can occur:
– blood, kidney and liver diseases (e.g. hepatitis)
– Allergic conditions
– hair loss
– neutropenia

4.) Neutropenia
A side effect which drugs / medicine against parasites often trigger is the so-called neutropenia . [11] This leads to a reduction in neutrophils Granulocytes . These are the body’s defense cells (leukocytes / white blood cells) that are supposed to protect the body from parasitic infestation . [12] If these are now reduced by taking medication, it is possible that the body can no longer adequately protect itself against renewed infestation .

5.) Medicines against parasites: The experience
As part of the work of our non-profit Swiss association, we have already advised several thousand people. ( Status: February 2020 ) Some of them have had experiences with taking “anti-worm drugs” . So far, we have not met anyone who has managed to get parasitic complaints under control over the long term with appropriate medication. However, some of the side effects reported to us were serious . All users of the tablets report to us that they have had severe sleep problems (insomnia of up to a week ) from taking them.

We have also received reports from people who suffered from severe nausea and unpleasant hot flashes in combination with a permanent feeling of malaise . One user described the above-mentioned side effects with the statement that she had “ gone through hell”.

These users want to get rid of their complaints quickly and easily and end their path of suffering. The opposite has happened.

Are home remedies the more suitable medicine to remove worms and Co. from the body ? Not necessarily. There are many anti-parasite remedies that can damage health, especially if taken thoughtlessly . These include turpentine , MMS or hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Such aggressive substances should (if at all) only be taken under the supervision of a qualified doctor . Even if Facebook groups and alternative health coaches often tell us the opposite. Home remedies such as coconut oil, MSM (organic sulfur), flax seeds, garlic, ginger, chilli, turmeric, pumpkin seeds, tea tree oil or monastery tea have on their own no significant effect against parasites . Homeopathy also shows no effect with a parasitic load.

MQL, turpentine and the like can be dangerous

There is no “magic bullet” in the event of a parasite infestation. The Swiss association Parasitenfrei has written a technical article on the subject of “Get rid of parasites“. The article can be accessed using this button free of charge:

Home remedies for parasites: what works?

The last paragraphs made it clear that individual drugs against parasites are not sufficient to rid the body of parasitic life forms or to reduce them to a non-pathogenic number. So unfortunately there is no specific “bio-parasite killer”. Nonetheless, some plants naturally have anti-parasitic properties and we are now introducing these:

1.) Papaya kernels

One of the more effective home remedies against parasites. Papaya kernels are particularly effective in the colon and there mainly against less stubborn parasitic organisms such as roundworms. [13] Papaya kernels can, in combination with other agents, be a Upgrade the anti-parasite treatment. In the association, we recommend ground papaya kernels as a spice, especially for eating, as this makes the food ingested less tolerable for parasites in the intestine. [14] Viewed separately, this measure is useless. As part of an anti-parasite regimen, however, the weakening of the intestinal worms induced by papaya seeds can be a decisive success factor.

2.) Carnations

The carnation is a health all-rounder. It works against viruses, bacteria, parasites and pathogenic fungi equally. [15] In addition, cloves are anti-inflammatory, pain reliever and antioxidant. [16] The carnation can therefore be used in an anti-parasite cure represent an important tool.

3.) Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth basically has the property of “cutting up” larger worms in the intestine. [17] This effect only occurs with a few parasitic ones Life forms a. [18] Because toxins, diatomaceous earth should be used carefully in an anti-parasite regimen. If kieselguhr is used in significant quantities, the parasite cure should have effective measures to bind and eliminate toxins.

4.) Enema

An enema (pure water with e.g. saline solution or tobacco) can prove to be effective against parasites in the intestine . [19] However, the biofilm have been removed. Only then can the enema completely clean the intestine. Instead of an enema, colon hydrotherapy (professional intestinal irrigation) can be performed. This application is offered by some alternative practitioners.

5.) Vermouth


Wormwood (bitter mugwort, wormwood) is one of the strongest remedies against parasites. [20] wormwood has a systemic effect , should be used carefully because of the strong penetration. For an anti-parasite cure, wormwood is indispensable.

6.) Colloidal silver

Another all-rounder : Colloidal silver works against various pathogenic organisms in the body. The latest studies show that colloidal silver even has a damaging effect on the unicellular brain parasite Toxoplasma Gondii . [21] As against the T.G. However, there are far more efficient alternatives and because of the generally only moderate effect on parasites, colloidal silver is dispensable in an anti-parasite regimen.

7.) Oregano oil

The well-known medicinal oil from the oregano plant also only has a moderate effect against a few strains of parasites. We would rather recommend taking oregano oil for bacterial diseases. [22] It is not an important part of an anti-Parasite cure.

8.) Turpentine

This oil, which is obtained from pine resin, has above all anti-mycotic properties , i.e. it primarily works against pathogenic fungi in the body. [23] However, terpetine has some parasites also has a strong penetration. [24] With turpentine, the tolerance from person to person is variable and taking it can lead to serious damage to health. [25] For this reason we advise against taking “on your own Faust ”. However, as part of an anti-parasite cure, accompanied by a doctor, the use of turpentine as a remedy can make sense.

9.) Black walnut

The active ingredients in black walnuts (mostly called black walnuts) only have a moderate effect against parasite infestation . In alternative medicine, they are primarily used for acute, microbial complaints. For example, with acne, herpes, headaches, scurvy, flatulence, abdominal pain, ulcers or tuberculosis. [26] The black walnut also has strong anti-mycotic properties Features . So it works primarily against pathogenic fungi. [27]

10.) Black seed oil

The essential oil of black cumin has properties that can be useful in an anti-parasite regimen. In addition to a moderate effect against parasites, black seed oil strengthens the immune system and has a positive effect on the blood sugar level. [28]

11.) Monastery tea

According to our research, this tea based on Hildegard von Bingen’s recipe has no effect on parasites. Experience shows, however, that drinking the tea during a parasite cure can prove useful. Because monastery tea has a calming effect and can relax the stomach. [29] Some drugs against parasites are irritating on the stomach lining and here monastery tea can now provide relief. [30] In addition, the tea can the body Support detoxification. [31] Besides, there is no Tea, which has a significant effect against parasites. The active ingredients in a tea are too low dosed for this.
There is no such thing as an “anti-parasite tea”.

12.) Vinegar / vinegar essence as detergent

Especially in the case of an infestation with pinworms , it is crucial for recovery that clothes (especially underwear) and bed linen are washed daily. The washing machine should be set to 90 degrees and vinegar/vinegar essence can be used as detergent. [32]

13.) Hydrogen peroxide

WPO (H2O2, hydrogen peroxide) is a substance that releases oxygen in the body. [33] Because parasites anaerobic organisms hydrogen peroxide is anti-parasitic. [34] The effect is only moderate and the consumption of hydrogen peroxide not harmless. [35] We therefore advise against using it inside an anti-parasite -Cure off.

14.) MMS


The oxidizing agent MMS (CDL) discovered by Jim Humble is also anti-parasitic, as it splits off O atoms. [36] Nevertheless, we strongly advise against its use. MMS can cause healthy cells to oxidize and thereby cause irrevocable damage to health. [37]

15.) Grapefruit seed extract

The grapefruit seed extract has a moderate anti-parasitic effect . Mainly, however, grapefruit seed extract has an antibacterial and anti-mycotic effect. It has been proven that the active ingredient is effective against 100 different pathogenic fungi , including Candida Albicans . [38]

By the way: According to our experts, mixtures of herbs such as those from the Rainbow Circle, Detoxic or Parasic are not suitable as a remedy against parasites. Zapping (e.g. according to Hulda Clark) also showed no effect in the series of tests carried out. Learn more

Decisive for the success of an anti-parasite cure are not the drugs used per se, but the combination of them. In a therapy or treatment that is maximally successful in fighting parasites, the means used are always coherent and targeted combined with one another.

Further information on how a parasite cure should be structured can be found in the following specialist article :

Means against parasites: the current state of studies

There are numerous studies which show that certain home remedies have an anti-parasitic effect and therefore lead to “parasite cleansing”, i.e. the elimination of parasites, can be used.

Colloidal Silver

In 2011 a study from Turkey was published in the International Journal of Nanomedicine, which proved that colloidal silver has an effect against unicellular parasites. [39] The research team around Dr. Adil Allahverdiyev from the Department of Bioengineering, Yildiz University, Instanbul, was the first to provide this evidence. With the help of UV light, they were able to show how colloidal silver renders single-cell parasites harmless.


The Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) is a controversial product and is not recommended by us because of its side effects. However, it cannot be dismissed out of hand that MMS (CDL) works against parasites . A study from Singapore was able to prove that MMS can kill single-cell parasites , such as the malaria pathogen (Plasmodium), in the human body. [40]

Tea tree oil

A study from 2014 showed that tea tree oil works against parasites. Researchers from the University of San Jorge in Saragossa (Spain) demonstrated that certain nematodes (roundworms) can be treated with tea tree oil. [41]

Grapefruit seed extract

A study was published in the Journal Of Alternative And Complementary Medicine (New York) in 2002, in which the effect of grapefruit seed extract was examined. In addition to a strong effect on fungi and bacteria , anti-parasitic properties were also demonstrated. [42]


The fact that garlic is at least effective against certain intestinal worms (flukes) became clear in a study published in the Parasitlogy Research Journal in 2017. [43] Garlic is considered a potent remedy in the alternative health scene Parasites. However, the study situation speaks a clearly different language . As part of a parasite cure , taking garlic can make sense. Taken separately, only a few parasite genera have an anti-parasitic effect.

Pumpkin seeds

It is similar with pumpkin seeds. These inhibit the mobility of parasites and paralyze them for a certain period of time. [44] The removal of the parasites must, however, be done by other means Colon irrigation takes place. This is clearly shown in a study carried out in Poland in 2016 by the Department of Parasitology and Invasive Diseases, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Life Sciences in Lublin.


Studies show that clove essential oil basically has anti-parasitic properties . [45] The anti-mycotic, anti-viral and antibacterial effects are just as pronounced. [46] It is not yet conclusive which pathogen carnation is effective against examined.

Papaya / papaya kernels:

A holistic anti-parasite cure also includes papaya seeds. This is based on the clearly positive experiences of our therapists and on the basis of the study situation . The Journal of Medicinal Food published a study in 2007 which said: [47]

The tropical fruit Carica papaya and its seeds have proven to be antihelminthic and anti-amoebic . To determine the effectiveness of air-dried C. papaya kernels in human intestinal parasitosis, 60 asymptomatic Nigerian children with stool microscopic detection of intestinal parasites were immediately given doses (20 ml) of an elixir consisting of air-dried C. papaya kernels and honey (CPH) or Honey alone (placebo) in two randomized treatment groups. Repeated stool microscopic examinations were performed 7 days after the intervention for intestinal parasites. The stool was cleared of parasites by significantly more people who were given CPH elixir than those who were given honey [23 out of 30 (76.7%) compared to five out of 30 (16.7%) %); z = 4.40, P = 0.0000109]. There were no harmful effects.


A study from England showed the strong anti-parasitic properties of wormwood. The extracts of the sweet wormwood showed a significant effect against single-cell parasites (malaria pathogens) as well as against infestation by flukes (schistosomiasis). [48]

Oregano oil

In 2000, the Phytotherapy Research Journal examined whether oregano oil was effective against worms in the intestine . An effect could be proven at least on three intestinal parasites : [49]

Oregano oil was administered orally to 14 adult patients whose stool tested positive for the enteric parasites Blastocystis hominis, Entamoeba hartmanni, and Endolimax nana. After 6 weeks of supplementation with 600 mg of emulsified oregano oil daily, Entamoeba hartmanni (four cases), Endolimax nana (one case) and Blastocystis hominis completely disappeared in eight cases . The Blastocystis hominis values also decreased in three other cases. Gastrointestinal symptoms improved in seven of the 11 patients who tested positive for Blastocystis hominis.

Remedies for Parasites: The Big FAQ

When it comes to choosing the right anti-parasite remedy, questions keep cropping up. In this FAQ we answer the most frequently asked questions about this topic.

Yes, if the means are combined correctly, that is possible. Because every drug has a different spectrum of activity and works against various pathogens and in different organs. A complete parasite cleanse therefore requires more than one anti-parasite drug.

Here, among other things, the enema with garlic has proven itself. If a child is affected, we recommend taking an anti-parasite regimen for children. Learn More

In our experience, drugs only have an insufficiently adequate and, above all, no lasting effect. We therefore recommend an anti-parasite treatment. Learn more

No. A tea (e.g. monastery tea) can at most have a supportive effect as part of a parasite cure. However, it has no significant anti-parasitic effect.

A holistic parasite cure is necessary for a complete parasite cleanse. You can tell why this is so here read up.

Yes, very important. Long-term freedom from parasites is only possible if the body is detoxified. Toxins such as heavy metals suppress the local immune system and are the largest growth factor for parasites.

Our experience shows that this is not possible. Homeopathy has no effect on removing parasites.

In order to find the right doctor for you, our association has set up a free consultation.

No, because the frequencies of the parasites change with every generation. Learn more

No, not directly. But MSM is able to protect the intestine from parasites docking on the intestinal wall. MSM can therefore be an important component of a holistic anti-parasite cure.

In our experience, vinegar and vinegar essence are suitable.

Yes, it is very important. In a parasite cure, the diet must be adapted to this. Learn more

Our association has written an article about this that here is to be retrieved.

Yes. If the cure is not properly designed or individualized, it can definitely lead to complaints. Learn more

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