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She runs from doctor to doctor and no one could help her. Until she meets my Parasitenkur . From this day onwards, it excretes parasites and other intestinal toxins every day.
IMPORTANT: Mary is the blooming life today.
Find out about her gripping story and see what lived in her and what can also live in you.

Maria's story

Everyone has parasites! However, one is more affected and the other less. On the basis of the numerous symptoms that dissolve in the users of my cure due to a parasite discharge, you can see that most people suffer from the health of the influence of parasites. But Maria has it in particular met. For years she had suffered from severe and worsening symptoms. No doctor or alternative practitioner could help her. She even felt a tingling sensation all over the body and when asked if it could be a parasite , she was laughed at by the doctor. At the age of 47 the symptoms so bad that Maria lost her courage to face life. She was so weak and every single movement cost her to overcome. Larger activities were a challenge!

Overview of your symptoms:

  • Keep ringing in the ears
  • Neck pain at its best
  • Nerve pain, entire spine became more and more immobile
  • Twitching again and again in different places, even in the eye when she went to bed she had the feeling a heater was humming but that was your body because it was so tense
  • Jaw cracking with extreme tension
  • Hip pain so bad that she passed out for a moment
  • Combing hair was so exhausting that after a short time my arms hurt and cramp
  • Recurring abdominal problems … gastrointestinal … cramps or cramps
  • Arrhythmias
  • Hypothyroidism

There was also unbearable back pain and stiffness in the entire body . She always had the feeling that something was clinging to her spine. Maria’s tongue was partly colored brown and she felt badly poisoned. When she wanted to do something, she was in great pain. When she came to rest, on the other hand, there was a huge noise in her head – like a drill that was switched on all the time. Maria also suffered from tinnitus. If she managed to sleep despite the many restrictions, then she mostly slept all day on the weekend. Sleeping until noon was the standard for her on weekends. Getting up early in the morning was the sheer horror and your body was never really fit after sleeping . Her stomach bloat was sometimes so severe after eating that she was thought to be pregnant. What also bothered Maria were terrible stomach cramps that plagued her. This also robbed her of the last quality of life. She craved sugary foods like chocolate and devoured huge amounts of it. Maria’s skin was very bad and there were more wrinkles over her mouth. She had severe difficulty breathing and could barely breathe at times. The panic attacks caused by the arrhythmias that occurred were also very stressful for Maria. By chance Maria found a video of me on Facebook in which I informed about the topic Parasites in the body . She immediately recognized herself in the symptoms I described and tried it out.


Indeed: Maria was full of parasites!

Since then, Maria has been shedding parasites every day and is getting better every day. She is now fit again, full of life and full of energy. Your mobility is completely restored. The pain , including the back pain, are completely gone . It even peeled away from her spine and the feeling that something is clinging to it has disappeared. Maria doesn’t need much sleep anymore and gets up very early on most days – even on weekends. The desire for sugary food is gone. Now she prefers the sweetness from fruits. Maria’s skin is getting better and better and her wrinkles are visibly reduced. The tingling sensation on the body has also completely disappeared. Breathing becomes calmer and deeper – more oxygen comes back into the body. The anxiety attacks have already completely disappeared and even the eyes have become clearer. An iris diagnosis even showed a change in the color of the iris. The lymph flow and other health characteristics improve permanently. Maria even captured some parasite excretions in photos. In addition to many rope worms, it also excreted round worms, morgellons and leeches. In addition, a lot of parasites caused toxic mucus, feces and biofilm. In the biofilm, the parasites hide from anti-parasitic substances, their eggs are in the feces and the mucus protects the parasites from the body’s immune reaction.

Rope worms (funis parasitus)

Cable worms have different stages. In stage 1 they are just mucous mucus and then develop more and more in the direction of a worm-like and solid shape. The actual shape of these parasites looks like intertwined ropes. The color of the rope worms varies from white to black, across the color spectrum, depending on the food they have consumed. They are often red on the head because they feed on the host’s blood, among other things. To do this, they adhere to the intestinal lumen with their suction cups. Adult rope worms can grow to be over a meter tall. They clog the intestinal lumen to draw nutrients from the pulp. They extract vital substances from the excrement, but leave behind toxic excretions. They are most active between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. When the funis parasitus is cleared of excrement residues, the characteristic smell of these parasites comes through – really abnormal! Anyone who has ever smelled this will never forget it and will not compare it to anything else. The worms have a jet-like drive that releases gas. This leads to bloating and flatulence. The parasites produce toxic mucus and feces filled with their eggs.

Stage 5 rope worms (Funis parasitus scaena 5)

Many of the Stage 5 rope worms have been gorging themselves for many years and are therefore out of shape. The heads (plus suction cups) can be seen very clearly in the photos. The intertwined “ropes” are also easily recognizable in the clean and less full-bodied specimens. With some of the parasites, the mouths and partly also the innards are discolored red. This is Mary’s blood.

Feces stones - Produced by stage 5 rope worms

In the pictures you can see some thinner specimens of stage 5 rope worms as well as the typical concocted breeding grounds of these parasites: the so-called excrement stones .

Stage 4 rope worms (Funis parasitus scaena 4)

Most of Maria’s rope worms were fully grown. But she was still able to take photographs of a few copies of the fourth stage. You can clearly see that the shape is not yet fully grown. Nonetheless, stage 4 rope worms can already consume the host’s food pulp and even suckle blood.

Cable wormer stage 3 (Funis parasitus scaena 3)

As a comparison, you can now see photos of stage three rope worms taken by Maria. As a layperson, you would not even identify it as a parasite at this stage, as its shape is not yet worm-like.

Roundworm (Ascaris lumbricoide)

The roundworm belongs to the group of roundworms (Nematoda) and is located exclusively in the small intestine. They lay a large number of eggs and therefore spread very quickly if nothing is done about them. A single female Ascaris can lay up to 200,000 eggs a day . The roundworm is a particularly dangerous parasite, the infection of which leads to many deaths each year. Transmission often takes place from person to person (through sexual or oral contact). In contrast to tapeworms or rope worms, roundworms do not get that big – a maximum of 35 cm.


A main symptom is abdominal cramps.

Roundworms can also get into the lungs. There they cause breathing problems. The Ascaris is difficult to catch because it is barely visible in the droppings and is relatively small. Nevertheless, Maria managed to get a few copies. In one photo she has captured the head (with a suction cup) wonderfully in the picture.

Liver fluke (Clonorchis sinensis)

Maria has excreted many liver fluke, but lung fluke (Paragonimus westermani) are also among them. The latter cause breathing difficulties, similar to a bacterial infection of the respiratory tract. The paragon can even affect the spinal cord in the entire spine . Liver fluke eat – in the truest sense of the word – the liver from the inside and drink blood from this organ. They cause problems with fat metabolism and are responsible for inflammation throughout the body. As you can see in the photos, there are lighter and darker leeches. It has to do with how long they’ve lived in the liver. For example, some leeches are soaked with blood.

This leech has been torn apart. You can clearly see the empty cave and the blood vessels (at the top of the cave) have been cut off.

In this photo you can see a liver fluke that Maria cut open. The organs and innards are easy to see. Maria also excreted and photographed leech eggs:


The anti-parasitic measures that Maria took, of course, also loosened the biofilm. Huge, coherent, rubbery rags were found in the toilet. The biofilm does not come out like a bowel movement, but as a whole “in one go”. For many people it is a shock when something like this suddenly shoots out of the intestine and lands in the toilet with a loud “clap”.


The Morgellons are a new species of parasites, more precisely the mushrooms. Those affected often suffer from the fatigue symptom CFS, shortness of breath, decreased performance, severe pain in the limbs, joints and back, headaches and loud noises in the head, depression and irritability. Itching under the skin is also often due to Morgellons, which are rarely diagnosed by doctors and naturopaths. Morgellons consist of long threads, are completely tear-resistant and have a plastic-like appearance.

Maria also took impressive macro photographs of the eliminated Morgellons.

So: all in all, no wonder that Maria no longer had a quality of life. Of course it was a shock to see these creatures in the toilet. However, it is much better that you are now out of your body and doing well again.

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Quelle: Maria, Dr. Andreas Kalcker, Kerri Rivera

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