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Pinworms are the only Parasites that are easily noticed by humans. This is due to the fact that they lay your eggs in the folds of the anus in the evening and at night.

This causes severe itching. You may also find Pinworms in the stool and/or eggs on the anus. It can also cause abdominal pain and a Flat stomachcome.

The little tormentors were previously considered harmless in medicine. But Dr. Shayne Morris and his team recently discovered that the parasites are not all that harmless


Learn from this article:

✅ Why pinworms are more dangerous for health than previously thought

✅ How to protect yourself permanently from an infestation

✅ Why drugs often not have a lasting effect

✅ Why using home remedies against pinworms is a bad idea is

✅ New effective, natural and causal treatment options



Pinworms in humans destroy the intestinal environment

Studies by Dr. Shayne Morris point out that a pinworm infection negative on the intestinal microbiome.

Vital intestinal bacteria are destroyed while pathogenic microorganisms are promoted. This can have massive health consequences. [1]

Click here to find out more:



The cause: where pinworms come from

Many people ask us: “How do you get pinworms at all?”

Infection usually takes place via another household or transmission takes place in kindergarten or at school. [2]

If a child is affected, they scratch often their anus because of the itching. If it touches something afterwards (e.g. door handle, cuddly toys or tablet), then this surface is contaminated. Often all family members get infected over and over again. [3]


Excursus: life cycle of pinworms

The parasites are ingested orally and mature into larvae in the small intestine and into adult worms in the large intestine. The females penetrate the anal canal and lay their eggs in the perianal area. In doing so, they cause itching. People tend to scratch the anal area. The hands are then infectious. The worm eggs are ingested orally by putting the fingers (unnoticed) into the mouth. The triggering of the itch is not an accident, it is part of the life cycle. [4]


The contagion can also be about infected meat [5], contaminated vegetables [6], the consumption of Tap water [7] or via Pets [8].



How to protect yourself from re-infestation

You should make sure that you always cook the meat well. [9] Vegetables should be washed thoroughly [10] or treat with hydrogen peroxide [11]. You should refrain from drinking unfiltered tap water. [12] It is also necessary to deworm pets. [13] This also works with a natural Deworming cure. [14]

In addition, the following measures should be taken
✅ Washing of underwear and bed linen (at 90 degrees)
✅ Change underwear and bed linen daily
✅ Freeze cuddly toys for at least 24 hours (or wash at 90 degrees)
✅ Disinfect surfaces that are touched frequently
✅ Disinfect hands regularly
✅ Refrain from scratching the anus
✅ Keep fingernails short
✅ Be careful not to touch the mouth area with your hands


Excursus: reduce itching

A certain ointment can be applied to the anus to make “not scratching” more bearable. And this is how it works:

  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • 5 drops of clove essential oil

Mix together and apply in the afternoon in the perianal area.



Beware of medication against pinworms

Tablets from the pharmacy should help quickly and easily with an infestation with pinworms. But the reality is often different. Because

❌ Worms and worm eggs can short-term medication in the intestinal biofilm (- & gt; Link to the biofilm article) survive. Because of this, recurring infections. [16]
❌ A side effect of wormer drugs is leukopenia. In the process, white blood cells, which are able to fight parasites, are decimated. The susceptibility to renewed worm infestation (or other parasite infestation (- > Link on “Parasites in the body”)) increases enormously. [17]
❌ In addition, other serious (and sometimes fatal) side effects can occur. [18]

Before taking a drug against parasites, please refer to our specialist article on the subject:



Finally Get Rid of Pinworms: The Natural Treatment

From the point of view of our specialists, the therapy against pinworms should have the following properties:

✅ Free of side effects
✅ Causal
✅ Consistent
✅ Effectively
✅ Healthy
✅ Naturally
These criteria are met by a Worming cure for humans, or a Parasitenkur.
According to our experts, this is the best and most effective way to get rid of pinworms for good


What is a parasite cure?

In a parasite cure, natural methods are used to kill the worms in the intestine in a gentle way. In addition, the biofilm removes the worms in which protect themselves from drugs.
A parasite cure can also strengthen the body in such a way that it successfully fights future worm infections on its own. This works because the immune system is significantly strengthened and the intestinal environment harmonizes .
You can find out exactly how worming works for humans in our guide.

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Experience with the pinworm treatment by parasite cure

We regularly receive very positive feedback regarding treating pinworms with a wormer for humans.
Many people who repeatedly struggle with worms achieve their breakthrough with the holistic parasite cure


Just like with Marlis. Medicines did not have a lasting effect and only produced side effects. Only with the worming she was able to rid herself and her family of worms. Take a look at your report now:



Home remedies for pinworms

There are various remedies that are used in alternative medicine against pinworms.
These include:
✅ Papaya seeds
✅ Cloves
✅ Oregano oil
✅ Wormwood and
✅ garlic
✅ sauerkraut

However, studies and our experience have shown that taking home remedies to get rid of pinworms is ineffective in the medium term. Because the means…

❌ Do not represent a causal treatment
❌ Can be potentially dangerous as they mobilize toxins in the body
❌ Pinworms move into the biofilm of the intestine and can not be attacked there by the home remedies. After ingestion, there is a renewed infestation as the pinworms leave the biofilm again.
❌ The agents have no effect on the eggs of the pinworms. Thus, an infestation with home remedies cannot be brought under permanent control.


We therefore recommend as a natural alternative the implementation of a holistic parasite cure. We have created a free guide for you, in which you can find out how such a worming cure works for humans. Click here:



A parasite rarely comes alone

As mentioned at the beginning, pinworms are the only noticeable and visible parasites in humans.

It can be assumed with certainty that there are other, unnoticed parasites in your body.

To have us check this online free of charge, click here:


We also recommend that you get detailed information on the subject of “Parasites in humans“. It is one of the most important health topics of our time. Click here:



FAQ: Short question, short answer

We recommend performing a wormer treatment for humans. This works systemically throughout the body and can not only eliminate pinworms in the intestine, but also in the vagina.

Take a look at this experience report now:

If you or your child has found worms in the stool, we recommend that you carry out a natural therapy. From taking worm medicines we advise against it. You can find out why here

We advise against taking medication, especially for children. You can find out the reasons for this here.

Instead, you can here take a look at which wormer treatments for children are currently on the market.

With a treatment with medication, pinworms die within 3 days.

Eggs can survive in the biofilm of the intestine. A new infestation can occur.

That is why we recommend a natural treatment. This lasts for 3 to 6 weeks and offers a lasting effect.

The incubation period is between 1-4 weeks to months. The infection can continue almost indefinitely through self-infection.

Therefore it is important that this is prevented. Notes on this can be found here.

There are two possibilities. Either a drug treatment or a natural treatment.

Medication against pinworms is considered safe during pregnancy. However, some of the Serious side effects should not be ignored.

During pregnancy you should of course also pay attention to the protection against renewed infection .

From our point of view, the most effective over-the-counter treatment for pinworms is a Parasite treatment.

Step 1: Decide whether you want a drug treatment or a prefer natural treatment.

Step 2: If you decide to take medication against pinworms, see your doctor and note the side effects.

If you prefer a natural treatment, here are instructions for a human wormer:

For adults, we definitely recommend the natural treatment.

Because the biofilm in the intestine is already developed and therefore it is necessary to take medication no longer effective. more about that

No. Pinworms cannot go away on their own. They absolutely need to be treated. Because pinworms are not as safe as you might think. learn more

We recommend a natural treatment.

There are two reasons why the pinworms keep coming back.

Reason 1: Re-infection. If you want to prevent this, then find out more here.

Reason 2: Pinworms or their larvae and eggs have after the therapy in the biofilm survived. After a few weeks, the intestine is repopulated with pinworms.

To get rid of pinworms sustainably, we recommend natural therapy.

We recommend natural therapy – a wormer for humans.

You can find all information about this here:

Here we recommend a so-called worming cure for humans – also called a parasite cure.

We have created a guide that explains how to do it. To do this, click here:

We have developed an online test for this. Click here now:

Pinworms (Enterobius vermicularis) are parasitic worms (helminths). They live in the human intestine and feed on the chyme.

Yes, pinworms are contagious. Pay attention to the following factors

-Do not allow someone to touch you in the face
-Be sure to wash and disinfect your hands if you have touched someone’s hands
-Do not engage in anal intercourse practices with a victim
-Do not sleep in a bed with an affected person
-Wash and disinfect your hands if you come into contact with the laundry of those affected

With a drug treatment, the treatment lasts 3 days. However, recurrent infections often occur. more about that

A natural treatment addresses the causes. It takes about 4 to 6 weeks. But on the other hand, in our experience, the effect is much more sustainable. more about that

An infestation with pinworms should not be underestimated. Pinworms can damage the intestines. Find out more about this here.

The wormer cure for humans, or parasite cure works very quickly. After a day or two, the itching should stop and dead pinworms should be in the stool. The cure then has to be continued for 4 to 6 weeks. The biofilm must be removed in order to achieve sustainable success.

If you would like to know how such a worming treatment works in humans, then click here:

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