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Dear reader,

a parasite infestation naturally has massive health consequences . We have described this in detail here. However, parasites also have a spiritual meaning , which we will get to the bottom of in this article.

Parasitic life is not spiritual

Many living things on this planet live parasitically. In other words, in or on another living being, getting food from it without providing anything of the same value.

One example is the cuckoo: A parasitic system has established itself for reproduction in this species of bird: The cuckoo lays its eggs in a foreign nest if there are already eggs in it that look similar to the cuckoo’s egg. The cuckoo’s egg is protected by the strange birds. The chick is raised after hatching. The cuckoo chick even pushes all the other chicks out of the nest so that it can take care of everything for itself.

Parasitic lifestyle in the bird world

Most humans also live parasitically on the earth. The earth is not just a stone lump in space, but a living being in itself: Gaia . Man nourishes on mother earth without promoting the cycle of life equally. He is not angry per se, but wants to secure his survival . He usually thinks there is no other way .

But is it really like that? Is there no other way for humans than to infect our host – Gaia – parasitically ? There are examples of people who live symbiotically with Gaia. These people are spiritually so far developed that they only have to demand a minimal value from Gaia and many times more to secure their survival return . What if all of humanity lived like this?

Parasites make us live parasitically

Now it’s time to introduce myself: I’m Julia Herbst, the author of this article.

As part of the non-profit association work, I travel to many countries. I can be a regular guest in India . There I help people who suffer from severe, parasitic infestation. The South Asian country gave me something back : I understood the spiritual meaning of parasites . Because what I saw there was beyond my imagination :
In the village where I was a guest, I got to know a yogi . The unbelievable thing was: He wasn’t eating . Only once a day did he put some clove in his mouth, an anti-parasitic herb. My worldview expanded instantly and many questions arose in my head:

Do we even have to eat ? Why do we eat? How would our eating behavior be without parasites ? Would such a yogi be a attractive host for parasites? What do parasites spiritual mean?

I was even allowed to examine the yogi. Up to this point I had never seen anything like this: This person lived without parasites . No parasites could be detected in his body. The result of the examination made me think even more: The yogi lives in a symbiosis with his environment and does not harbor any parasites – there has to be a Context .

Another question I asked myself was: Is it possible that the parasitic behavior of humans is caused by endoparasites (parasites in the body)?

I research in this field and came to significant results : The higher the level of parasitic load in the host, the stronger the parasitic behavior of humans pronounced. On closer inspection, it makes sense: a single tapeworm can remove up to 87% of all nutrients from the pulp. [1] Thus, humans have to consume significantly more food in order to meet their own needs.

In addition, parasites are able to influence the host through the control of hormones , which can lead to parasitic decisions . [2]
Two examples: If parasites allow the hormone ghrelin to be secreted, the host gets hungry . [4] When dopamine is reduced, the host gets a insatiable desire for unhealthy (energy dense) food . [5]

Dopamine rules the world and parasites rule dopamine

Reckless, aggressive or fear-driven behavior can also be triggered by parasites. [6]

You can find out more about how parasites manipulate humans here:

Archons: Subtle parasites

The spiritual meaning of parasites goes even further:
In his book “Heaven betrayed – Return to Eden”, biophysicist Dieter Broers wrote of the correlation between subtle parasites (archons) and parasites in the human body . [7]

Author and consciousness researcher: Dieter Broers

Broers was the first to research the subject of “archons” scientifically . He combined the latest results from consciousness research with millennia-old knowledge from different civilizations. Broers made three main points about Archons:
– You control people via endoparasites
– They induce that humans become a parasitic form of life (turning away from spirituality)
– They draw their energy from negative human feelings

This is how many civilizations describe the appearance of Archons

Experience shows that parasite diversion leads to improved health . [8] What we also notice, however, is that the positive, mental changes are often even more serious . [9]

In the association, we often get feedback from the people we are allowed to help with the parasite discharge that negative feelings such as depression, mood swings, lethargy, listlessness, sadness or anger , all too often vanish into thin air after the removal of parasites. [10]

We were particularly moved by the case of Marie . In a voice message, she told us that she had been able to get rid of all her fears after a parasite cure . With your consent, we were allowed to publish the voice message:

You see: a parasite infestation is spiritually of the highest relevance.

External control by parasites

If Broers’ theory is correct, parasites should fundamentally be able to control the host. Indeed, endoparasites are masterful in this discipline . In humans, research in this area is still in its infancy. In the animal world, however, external control by parasites has been well researched .

Parasites are able to change the sex of crabs and then make them pregnant . However, no baby crabs are born, but parasite larvae .

Watch the spectacular spectacle now in the video:

But parasites can do more : They steer mice and fish into suicide or use crickets as vehicles. [11] learn more The example of the “ suicide ant ” is particularly impressive: [12] Ants become infected with the liver fluke via snail slime. The ant acts as an intermediate host for the parasite. The target of the liver fluke is the cow . The parasite uses the ant’s “ external control ” to achieve this goal. He steers the ant onto the tallest blade of grass near a cow. Particularly noteworthy: All ants infected with the liver fluke climb the blade of grass at the same time and are eaten by the cow together. After the latter has eaten the grass, including the infected ants, the liver fluke makes its way into the cow’s liver. The liver is the organ in a mammal’s body with the highest nutrient density . There the parasite can feed and multiply . The liver fluke eggs are excreted through the cow’s intestines and snails become infected – the circle is complete .

With the free parasite test of the non-profit Swiss association Parasitenfrei, you can get an assessment of whether you are affected. Click on the button and the test begins :

This service is funded by donations and therefore free of charge for you.

Parasites: Mind Control in Humans –
An exclusive information video from the Swiss Parasite Free Association –
Look at you here the entire Parasite Academy free of charge.

Parasites in the Brain: Toxoplasma Gondii and Its Spiritual Significance

Parasites are basically able to control the host . But is that also possible with more complex living beings, such as humans? Research in this area is still in its infancy, but it is becoming increasingly clear that it is possible and it will happen. For example, Die Zeit wrote: “Parasites: humans are also controlled by neuroparasites.[14]

Brain parasites: Often a reason for behavioral changes

One of the parasites that influences human behavior is the unicellular parasite Toxoplasma Gondii. [15] About 60% of the German-speaking population carry the “mind parasite” within them. [16] Grotesque numbers, if you consider what the relative is for of the malaria pathogen is able. [17] Since the Toxoplasma Gondii is well researched science now knows exactly how the parasite works in the body.

In the past, only pregnant and immunocompromised people were at risk. For several years, however, the Toxoplasma Gondii has developed so that it can not be stopped even by a healthy immune system. [18] The parasite bypasses the immune system easy.

Cat becomes infected with the toxoplasmosis pathogen

The anaerobic protozoa lives under the earth . Rodents, mostly mice, become infected there with the parasite. The Toxoplasma Gondii quickly finds its way into the brain of the mammal.
By changing neurotransmitters, it controls the behavior of the mouse. The innate escape mechanism of the mouse is switched off by the parasite and cat urine becomes attractive for the mouse.

Source: medical journal

Synapse remodeling: T.G. changes brain structures

What must happen happens: the mouse is eaten and the cat is infected. This infection doesn’t just affect this cat. The parasite is passed on to offspring over generations. This explains what has long been a mystery to scientists: why purely domestic cats are also affected. [19]

If you want to know more about the Toxoplasma Gondii, then click on the button now:

Toxoplasma Gondii: pulling the cord in the human brain –
An exclusive information video from the Swiss Parasite Free Association –
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Toxoplasma Gondii: depression, anxiety, panic attacks

humans become infected through contact with cats and / or their excretions. To get into the human brain, Toxoplasma has developed a special strategy : It is difficult for microbes to get into the human brain because of the blood-brain barrier which is usually reliably prevented.

The “mind parasite” takes over an immune cell, controls it through the blood-brain barrier and thus overcomes the barrier without any problems. A study from 2018 (Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg / Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology and the Helmholtz Center for Infection Research in Braunschweig) showed that Toxoplasma Gondii not is only able to is to influence hormones, but even changed the molecular composition of synapses. [20]

Synapse malfunction has been linked to depression, anxiety, lethargy, schizophrenia, and other neuropsychiatric disorders [21].

Concern and fear from synapse changes

The magazine Planet Wissen 2018 reported on another type of influence by Toxoplasma Gondii: The single-cell parasite forms cysts in the human brain to protect itself from the brain’s immune cells.
These cysts lead to changes in behavior, including a change in personality. [22]

You can find out more about the subject of “fear of parasites” here:

Parasites in the brain: why 60% of people are affected –
An exclusive information video from the Swiss Parasite Free Association –
Take a look here the entire parasite academy free of charge. </ Span >

Parasites and their defining significance for society

Parasites shape human behavior in a significant way. This brings us back to the topic: Parasites and what they mean for our spiritual development . Parasites make people make parasitic decisions and these are not spiritual. Humans are favorite hosts of parasites because they offer them a perfect environment . The parasite has “ raised ” its host perfectly over the millennia. [23]

Humans poison their food: the perfect host for parasites

A pro-parasitic way of life is characterized by : [24]
– Unhealthy food
– stress
– Poisoning by toxins and heavy metals
– exposure to radiation
– immunodeficiency

If you take a closer look at the decisions made by politics in the last 20 years, you come to the conclusion: Every decision a politician could not have made a parasite better . No wonder that society is moving further and further away from spirituality.

If you are interested in why humans have become the perfect host through parasitic influence, you can find out more here:

Effect of parasites on human consciousness?

If you have accompanied the removal of parasites from thousands of people, you have many experiences . One of them is that consciousness often rises . [25]

Here you can find some impressive examples :

Parasites can reduce awareness. [26] That doesn’t mean everyone is low in consciousness. The fact is, however, that the potential of consciousness is significantly higher in parasitic people.

Parasites have a good reason to limit human consciousness:
Conscious people notice parasite-induced external control more clearly and faster . They are less easy to manipulate .
Russian scientists recently found that parasites are the main reason most people’s consciousness is at the lowest level.[27]

Only when the energy flows freely can the spiritual potential be tapped. Parasites block the body's energy pathways.

You can find more about the correlation between parasites and reduced consciousness here:

That means:
The primary drive of life at this level is primitive and drive controlled . Food, sex and consumption are priorities. A parasitic lifestyle – the way archons want us to .

Social processes are not questioned. Man lives like a robot in the hamster wheel. The guiding opinion is considered correct and is not questioned . The Ego is in the foreground: Survival , impressing or knocking down people, is the life drive at the lowest level of consciousness. Spirituality plays no or only a subordinate role at this level.

After parasites have been eliminated, many people notice a so-called “jump in consciousness”. This is one of the reasons why the non-profit Swiss association Parasitenfrei supports humanity.

If you are wondering whether you could be affected yourself, I recommend carrying out the free parasite test on the club website. From my point of view, it is the easiest way to get an expert assessment as to whether there are parasites in the body and, above all, which they may be.

You can start the parasite test here:

All information on the exciting topic of “parasites” is available free of charge on the website of the Swiss Parasite Free Association :

Very warm greetings
Julia Herbst

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