Parasites in the corona vaccination?

Autor:Jan Wellermann Jan Wellermann (Medical journalist)
Last updated:01.09.2021
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We have already reported that parasitic life forms could be found in masks and PCR tests. mehr dazu

Vaccinations against the corona virus were previously considered relatively safe. The vaccination from the manufacturer Pfizer has a good reputation. [1]

But that could change with a video.

A Dutch doctor examined the vaccine under the electron microscope. [2] And what he found, according to his own statement, were living cells. [3] The doctor assumes that it is “Morgellons”.[4]

The same parasitic species that were suspected in the masks and PCR tests . [5]

If you don’t already know what Morgellons are, then read through our article on the subject. Click here:


Now watch the therapist’s video:


This vaccine should never contain living cells. Because its basis is mRNA – so it is a dead vaccine. This does not contain any living cells.[6]

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