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Last updated:24.08.2021
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Dear reader,

I will take you on a journey of thought that will both frighten you and fascinate you at the same time. In this article we are looking for the perfect host for parasites and we ask ourselves: What would a species look like that represents the ideal host for parasites?

Der Bandwurm wartet im Dünndarm auf Nahrung
Der Bandwurm wartet im Dünndarm auf Nahrung

Lay the foundations

The host must be well developed

The ideal host for parasites must have great freedom of action. For example, he has to be mobile, cover long distances and be able to make decisions independently – for example what he eats. The species should also be developed enough to be able to manipulate nature. Why this point is so important will become clear as the article progresses. The brain should have great potential for performance and the species should have a mind. The background to all of this is that manipulation by parasites can take place on a larger scale and that the manipulation can have far-reaching consequences. I have described in detail the form in which parasites manipulate a host in my book “Parasite-free – healthy and self-determined living”. (Available on:

NOTE: “Species must be able to manipulate nature”

Constant infection with parasites

The ideal species for parasites should of course constantly reinfect itself with parasites – preferably every day! It would be perfect if, for example, the drinking water that comes out of the tap was infected with parasite eggs. Parasites could spread very well in water pipes and the water is already contaminated ( contaminated / contaminated ). It would be important that the public does not know about it. On the contrary, it would be ideal if the public media advertised the consumption of tap water. Misinformation such as “the best controlled food” would clearly support the fact that more people remained infected with parasites in this way. The advantage of tap water would also be that it also contains toxic heavy metals, fluorides, drug residues, pesticides, fertilizers, PCB and PNA, all of which promote parasite infestation – more on this in this article.

However, the perfect species should not be able to avoid being infected with parasites so easily. What if certain members of the species notice how contaminated tap water really is. In this case they would avoid tap water and would accordingly no longer be infected – of course that is not possible! So another way has to be found to provide eggs to the perfect parasite species. For example, one could fertilize the vegetables in the fields with parasitic egg-contaminated excretions from animals from factory farming. If someone doesn’t eat vegetables, meat and fish are still contaminated with parasites. Nobody will get away with it anytime soon. The decisive factor is of course factory farming. At least 99% of the animals should be kept in this form so that the hygienic conditions promote parasites in an ideal way.

NOTE: “Parasite eggs in drinking water pipes”

NOTE: “Parasite eggs on the vegetable fields”

Preventing strong anti-parasitic agents from being ingested

Of course – MMS has a tremendous effect against infections, Hydrogen peroxide is an omnipotent miracle drug, Ayahuasca raises awareness, turpentine is the agent of choice against all fungal infections and natural tobacco is consciousness- expanding and not addictive … And none of these drugs have any side effects . Unfortunately they work all of them very strongly anti-parasitic! To be an ideal species for parasites, all of these substances must be banned, or at least discredited. If a ban has no basis, hate media articles would be a good thing. One could simply quote a paid “expert” who pointed out the dangerousness of the strongly anti-parasitic substances. Of course that would be completely sucked out of the fingers, but sentences like: “Doctors agree” will prevent the majority of the population from taking these drugs. Another good one would be laws that force manufacturers to use foolhardy warnings. For example, you could have the natural product balsam turpentine written on it: “Drinking is fatal”. Why the resin from pine is supposed to be deadly nobody will question. It is important that you do not use the name “ pine oil “, but rather the chemical-like name “turpentine”. Sure, anyone who drinks turpentine despite the advice will of course know that drinking is anything but fatal, but that is simply ignored. There remains only one difficulty: How can one explain that toxic tobacco contaminated with pesticides is freely available and natural, organic tobacco is banned … One would have to ensure that such obviousnesses are not questioned. Another step would be necessary for this:

NOTE: “Pine oil is deadly, but none dies.”

Consciousness needs to be lowered

This would not only have the advantage that such illogical facts would not be questioned. A low level of awareness would have many other bonuses: the host would not even recognize that he was being manipulated at all, or would not even consider it. Furthermore, it would not occur to him to question what the doctors or the media are saying. If doctors and the media were in the middle, then the people would not be aware of the parasites in their organs. Except maybe through alternative information. However, an unconscious individual could not do anything with this information and they would not become aware of their parasite load in this way and certainly not take a parasite cure that would save them from parasites. But how could the consciousness of an entire species be lowered ?! This would only be possible via an attack on the pineal gland (epiphysis) , the seat of consciousness. The pineal gland is made smaller by reducing the amount of sunlight . But how is that supposed to work … Reduce sunlight over entire countries and continents … There would only be one absurd possibility: One could release back-reflecting ions, such as aluminum particles, into the atmosphere, for example with airplanes. A very daring plan, of course, but the article is not about realistic examples, but about a fictional species that is the ideal host for parasites. And then this measure would be part of it. Furthermore, artificial light sources should be used – especially energy-saving pears would shrink the pineal gland best . Unfortunately, the light from energy-saving bulbs is so unbearable that no one will use them. The only possibility would be to ban normal light bulbs. One could make arguments like “good for the environment” and hope that this will not be questioned. Energy-saving pears also emit mercury – two birds with one stone. This article describes why this chemical element is so parasite-friendly. Mercury itself also shrinks the pineal gland, as do many other toxins. More on that later. The best drug of choice for lowering consciousness, however, is good old sodium fluoride . If our species ingested this, it would be guaranteed to be and remain unconscious. Sodium fluoride does not occur naturally and would have to be produced artificially. Calcium fluoride, which is naturally present as a trace element in our food, is a stable compound and good for teeth and bones. Sodium fluoride, on the other hand, is an unstable compound. The neurotoxin hydrogen fluoride will dissolve in the body and fluorine is not only one of the most toxic, but also one of the most corrosive substances on this planet. Just as it can corrode glass, it also attacks any structures with quartz – like the pineal gland. Result: The pineal gland calcified . But why should a species ingest a substance that releases one of the heaviest neurotoxins ever? It would take an extraordinarily creative plan. First of all, natural calcium fluoride should be banned (or not allowed) to ensure that only toxic sodium fluoride is used. Then one would have to classify fluoride as indispensable for health through fake studies. So indispensable and of course harmless that you can mix it wherever you want. It would be best if fluoride is supplied daily. So it should be added to drinking water, toothpaste and salt. It would be perfect if babies were already given fluoride – perhaps as a tablet. I know it’s pretty unlikely that parents would allow such a thing to happen, but an ideal species for parasites would be giving fluoride to their “day 1” children. When the basics are in place: make the host vulnerable – this is how it works!

NOTE: “Sodium Fluoride: The best way to make a species unconscious and docile.”

Make host vulnerable


Diet is a very important factor in figuring out the ideal parasite species. After all, the parasites eat with the host and no other factor is so serious. The host is dependent on food and drink and it enters the body every day. How could a diet that is as parasite-friendly as possible look like:

Bitter substances have to disappear from food

Bitter substances are a natural protection against parasites – of course we cannot allow ourselves that in the diet of the ideal parasite species. In addition, bitter foods prevent hunger and regulate appetite. But our parasites shouldn’t starve to death, but should get as much food as possible. Therefore, bitter foods do not work at all! It would be very important to prevent wild herbs from being consumed. Nettle, dandelion and yarrow are not only very bitter, their ingredients also have an anti-parasitic effect . Plus, they’re bursting with nutrients, which isn’t good for our endeavors. More on that later. In the first place, wild herbs should not be recognized as such. If a word like “weed” were invented, which leads the representatives of the species to put the wild herbs in the bin instead of in their mouth, that would be half the battle. Furthermore, people should be made afraid of consuming food from nature. Sure – this is not an easy undertaking, because there is nothing natural and normal than picking and eating food in nature. How else could our ancestors have fed before there was a food industry? But a species that is perfect for parasites will be terrified. A kind of ghost should be used as the “face” of this fear. Something you can’t see, but if you say it’s there enough times, it will be believed. As with scary stories for children, you simply invent a mystical figure. Let’s just call them “fox tapeworm”. Then most will be careful not to consume the tasty and healthy herbs. Another step closer to the perfectly parasite-friendly host 🙂 Other bitter foods with anti-parasitic potential should be discredited in the media, for example bitter apricot kernels. If it is proven that the kernels are not toxic at all, like here then the author of such works should be severely discredited! The next step is to gradually grow bitter substances from the food, for example from endive, chicory, radicchio, Brussels sprouts, broccoli or grapefruit. Little by little, all bitter foods will disappear from the menu and the taste buds will degenerate accordingly. This will be passed on to subsequent generations and the species will no longer like bitter food. Jackpot!

NOTE: “Wild herbs: cure for humans – poison for the parasite.”

NOTE: “Bitter substances kill parasites.”

Establishing a diet that is as low in micronutrients as possible

A diet that consists of food that is naturally grown on humus soil would be the worst case scenario for parasites in the body. This food would be interspersed with trace elements, which have a strong anti-parasitic effect, such as iodine, arsenic, boron, platinum, copper or silver . However, if the food were to grow on artificial soil with NPK fertilizer, then the problem with the annoying trace elements would be solved. Another benefit would be that phosphate would be the main component of this fertilizer. Eating too much phosphorus and P in the body would have caused iron to be eliminated . Since parasites prefer a low-oxygen environment and iron is the ultimate supplier of oxygen, this artificial fertilizer for all vegetables and grains could not be more perfect for parasites. With pesticides, herbicides and monoculture you can also ensure that there is no longer any vitamin B12 in plants, as was originally the case. Less vitamin B12 means less oxygen. Bad for the species, good for the parasite . Monocultures, breeding and genetic engineering should filter out at least 80% of all vitamins and minerals from food. This would have the very positive consequence that, among other things, the host’s immune system would lose its ability to defend itself against parasites. Fruit should always be harvested unripe so that there are no trace elements and hardly any vitamins . The fruit should be chilled to almost zero degrees on ships so that the last vitamins are destroyed. Too high a supply of vitamins would mean a strengthening of the immune system, so that the species could no longer be perfectly taken over by parasites. It is also very important that fruit must be massively overbred for sugar. Natural varieties have very little fructose and we don’t want the parasites to do that. They love sugar and we should give it to them too . The aim is that only over-grown fruit can be bought on the market. Original varieties must disappear. Another important point on the agenda is that the seeds are grown out of the fruits as best as possible. These have an anti-parasitic effect and the perfect species for parasites definitely has no anti-parasitic agents to take! Empty calories, for example from rice, bread or pasta, should make up the main component of the diet. They do not provide nutrients and only feed the parasites. It couldn’t be better.

NOTE: “Today’s food: low in micronutrients”

Gifte im Essen

Since food inevitably has to be consumed by the host on a daily basis, food should also be served strong with immune-destroying poisons. These could be euphemistically called “pesticides” and over time, increasingly worse substances should be allowed by politics. This poisoned food should then be declared normal and the non-poisoned food should be given a name, e.g. “organic”. Oh, this organic should also be poisoned, just a little less, so that not too many representatives of the species reach for these foods. “Bio” should always be badly made in the public press. In addition, it must be made almost impossible for farmers with abstruse requirements to grow organic and if so, organic must go hand in hand with a price increase of at least 100% so that as few people as possible buy it.

Was dafür geschaffen ist, alle Lebewesen zu töten, ist für den Menschen unbedenklich?
What is made to kill all living things is harmless to humans?

NOTE: “Pesticides destroy our immune system.”

Grains as the main food

For the idea of a perfect parasite species, grain has to be the main food. Of course, it will not be easy to convince an entire species to eat completely alien food that does not taste good and is only edible through massive processing. First and foremost, grain needs to be cheap so that everyone can afford it. A diet based on grain must be much cheaper than a diet based on fruits and vegetables. The most unhealthy grain, wheat, should be the cheapest. The people must be sold that it is normal to eat the unripe grain of a plant and not the grass growing from it. It would be best if most of them didn’t even know that the grain is actually just a seed from which the actual food grows.

Since grain is actually not edible, consumption has a variety of negative effects on the body, but also many positive effects on parasites. First of all, grain is metabolized acidic – this is the basis for parasites, they love this environment. The resulting removal of basic minerals results in a further benefit for parasites. Magnesium is withdrawn from the body and since this mineral is hardly found in food, it inevitably leads to a magnesium deficiency . This in turn leads to chronic stress . This stress over-acidifies the body and deprives it of oxygen. It couldn’t be any better for the parasites. Grain can hardly be digested, which permanently destroys the intestines. In addition to inflammation, there is leaky gut syndrome : The intestinal wall becomes holey. Ingenious – now the parasites can easily get from their collection point (the intestines) into the bloodstream, and from there into all organs. Furthermore, there is an incorrect symbiosis of the intestine. Great for parasites, as there are hardly any probiotic bacteria left to fight the parasites . Nobody disturbs the parasite party anymore 🙂 Grain has a lot of phosphorus. As already described, ideal for the perfect parasite environment that we are striving for. Due to the phosphate fertilizer, the content of phosphorus increases even further and, last but not least, the uncontrolled use of glyphosate makes grain the perfect feed for everyone who wants to offer parasites a nice home 🙂

NOTE: “Grains are alien food – not suitable for consumption.”

Dairy products belong on the menu

It is essential for an optimal parasite host to consume dairy products. It will be extremely difficult to convince a species to drink another type of breast milk, but it is important for the parasites. So let’s think of a scenario in which it is possible to convince billions of individuals of something so absurd. Of course, it is a basic requirement that the consciousness of the species is already reduced, otherwise the venture is completely hopeless. It is important to establish milk and dairy products as part of a balanced diet. Of course, dairy products have to be included in the official nutritional guidelines and pyramids. In order to spread this nonsense, we need not only press articles but also a lot of advertising. Milk must be presented as healthy. For example, the undoubtedly high calcium content could be highlighted. However, it is imperative to conceal the fact that the acidic metabolism results in a negative calcium balance in milk and dairy products. Lots of advertising, maybe with celebrities, or catchphrases like: “Milk makes you strong” or “Milk makes it” should be helpful. Little by little the saying takes hold: “We have always eaten and drunk” and the consumption of foreign breast milk is becoming normal. In addition to the acidic metabolism, dairy products destroy the intestines and promote the leaky gut syndrome. The casein protein and the antibiotic residues present lead to an incorrect intestinal symbiosis and the IGF-1 promotes a particularly rapid growth of parasites. A heavenly food for parasite lovers. Extra bonus: Dairy products are extremely high in phosphorus. If these are then also fed with phosphate-rich grain grown on phosphate soil – jackpot. If the grain still contains glyphosate, the parasite food dream is complete. Ideally, the cows that give the milk are kept in factory farming, as an important factor then comes into play: fear and stress hormones rob the body of oxygen and parasites have their cozy home!

NOTE: “Drinking breast milk from another species – you have to come to that first.”

Sugar: an important component of a parasite-friendly diet

The species should be able to extract sugar from plants and then add it to food in a total overdose. This mass of sugar does not naturally occur in any food in nature – a feast for parasites . Because Sugar is the favorite meal and the best food of our welcome friends . They are nourished, can ideally grow and multiply. Sugar is also metabolized acidic and promotes pathogenic fungi . The greater the fungal attack, the more parasites, as these pathogens support each other . Sugar destroys the intestines, creates a malformed intestinal symbiosis and weakens the immune system. Furthermore, the liver is overwhelmed by sugar consumption and detoxification stagnates. Great, because parasites and their toxins can no longer be detoxified. The more parasite toxins in the body, the better it is for the parasites, because these toxins are a chemical weapon for our blackheads. As if that weren’t enough, the increased blood sugar level puts the body under massive stress . A special treat: Sugar makes you tired and listless in the long run . An ideal state for a parasitic takeover by manipulation. Ergo: Sugar should not be missing in the optimal parasite food!

Meat is part of a normal diet

A perfect parasite menu is rounded off with a good portion of meat. Meat is digested very slowly and rots in the intestine . The cadaveric poisons form an ideal environment for parasites . In addition, they damage the intestines and promote pathogenic bacteria, which in turn displace the probiotic bacteria – the rest is done by the antibiotic residues. The high phosphorus content is a nice bonus. You get anxiety and stress hormones for free when you consume meat.

NOTE: “Sugar: The optimal food for fungi and parasites.”

Food should be made, in the best case Industrie Ost

Mono meals must be avoided as a matter of urgency. The more the host’s food is mixed, the better. Whenever possible, fat, carbohydrates and protein should always be consumed with one meal. This makes digestion even more difficult and that means more food and a better habitat for parasites. The mixed meal has even more advantages. You eat a lot more with it than you would if you ate all the components of the meal individually. Perfect! A lot of food for parasites. Ideally, the food is cooked so that more can be eaten at once and oil is used. Oil is the best way to bypass the body’s lock and to eat beyond naturalness . Because: Nobody can eat 500 olives, but 5 tablespoons of olive oil – that’s easy! Industrial food is of course the optimum and the aim should be that this becomes normal. Flavor enhancers ensure that more can be eaten. Overall, eating a lot and eating “beyond hunger” should become normal. The species is best educating its children to eat a lot, e.g. with the saying: “Eat your food, otherwise there will be bad weather tomorrow”.

NOTE: “100 olives = 1 tbsp olive oil”

Gut für Parasiten: Aktuelle Ernährungsempfehlungen
Good for parasites: current dietary recommendations

Fruit only as dessert!

For optimal parasite friendliness, fruit should always be eaten for dessert. Of course, that makes absolutely no sense, because fruits are digested very quickly and the typical lunch is extremely slow, but if you just introduce it at some point, it will become normal. And if something is normal, then, thanks to the low level of consciousness, it is no longer questioned. Nature meant well – fruit is digested quickly because otherwise it rotates in the intestine. But we trick nature because it is parasite-friendly and slow down the fruit with the most powerful lunch possible. And so the fruit rotates and ferments wonderfully at 38 degrees. You really can’t make life more beautiful for parasites.

Salt: Absolutely deadly

The species must be prevented from ingesting natural salt (e.g. Himalayan salt) in large quantities. Natural salt has an anti-parasitic effect and that doesn’t work at all! In order to discredit salt, dubious studies should be commissioned that “prove” the negative effects of too much salt. Then a fraction of the healthy amount should be issued as a recommendation by the authorities. Of course, the basis for this should not be Himalyasalz, but table salt with the toxic Periodate and Sodium fluoride. By the way, the name table salt is cleverly chosen, because it looks like it is salt, which is suitable for cooking. “Table salt” is nothing more than sodium chloride (through the refining process only Na and Cl of 84 elements are left), a poisonous substance which the kidneys can only excrete with great difficulty.

NOTE: “A diet hostile to parasites would contain around 15 g of natural salt per day.”

Alcohol must be a socially accepted drug

It will not be easy to explain why such a heavy and dangerous drug as alcohol is legal and why more harmless drugs are banned. If necessary, one could simply argue with: “Has always been like this” or “belongs to the culture”. The deadly drug alcohol could even be promoted. Ultimately, no matter how, alcohol has to be in the middle of society if we are to have an optimal species for parasites. Alcohol simply has too many advantages for us to do without: The consumption of alcohol causes the blood to lose its flow properties and this leads to less oxygen transport. In addition, the product acetate displaces oxygen from the blood. Alcohol is metabolized acidic and the degradation product ethanal has a parasitic effect . In addition, the liver is restricted in its function, since it 1. has to detoxify the alcohol and 2. gradually loses performance. Alcohol is directly involved in building white fat cells. These fat cells are parasitic and manipulate the hormonal system. Among other things, they mess up the natural feeling of satiety. Anyway, alcohol makes you eat a lot more than you normally would. Alcohol destroys the intrinsic factor in the stomach. As a result, vitamin B12 can no longer be absorbed by the body and the body’s oxygen content drops. Another important property of alcohol is that it systemically lowers the immune system. Small side effect: alcohol lowers consciousness. The most important factor why alcohol is essential for a perfect parasite party, however, is another: Regular consumption of alcohol makes you easily controllable by parasites. It’s great that alcohol is quickly addicting both physically and mentally! What more do you want…

NOTE: “Alcohol = no substance deprives the body of more oxygen”

Schwere Drogen zum Feierabend... total normal in der Parasitengesellschaft
Heavy drugs after work … totally normal in the parasite society

Coffee: the housewife drug

In addition to sugary drinks, fruit juices and alcoholic drinks, the optimal parasite drink is coffee. Coffee is physically addictive and many will not wake up without it. This is perfect because the more coffee the better for parasites. It causes artificial stress in the host’s body, is metabolized in an extremely acidic manner, has many toxins (pesticides, acrylamide, …) and has a high phosphorus content. Class! Coffee with sugar and milk – that would be an idea! … but that’s a bit of a stretch. Now the host’s immune system and homeostasis have to be destroyed. This is best done through poisons

Destroying the immune system

Aluminum: the "control element"

First things first: the ideal parasite species has to be pumped full of aluminum . The local immune system in the various organs is brought to its knees and parasites can spread unhindered there. In addition, the brain power is reduced, which leads to better controllability by parasites. The blood-brain barrier becomes holey and clears the way for brain parasites. Aluminum: The perfect “control element” . Furthermore, parasites use aluminum as a “bio-chemical weapon” – more on this in my book “Parasite-free – healthy and self-determined living” It would be perfect if children could be given large amounts of aluminum from a very young age. The blood-brain barrier has not yet been developed and the aluminum would immediately go into the brain. There is no better way to create a parasite victim. But how can you do that? Parents will not give aluminum tablets to their children … unless we tell them it is medically necessary! But why not go a step further and inject the aluminum directly into the bloodstream. Then all annoying defense mechanisms of the child would be bypassed and the amount of aluminum in the blood and then also in the brain would increase significantly. Maybe you can top it all off and claim (possibly with falsified statistics or studies) that even several syringes are required for a child! For the whole thing to work, however, a large campaign is necessary. One would have to convince the doctors of the necessity of these syringes and advertising and media reports have to be massive. Then I think it is possible that parents would accept these injections in theirs. The pressure on parents from all sides of society would have to be enormous. The fact that there is aluminum in the syringe shouldn’t necessarily be a big deal – the less you know about it, the better. Aluminum should also be in many everyday products: Aluminum foil, deodorant, soaps, lotions, pots, etc. It would be good if staple foods such as fish or salt were enriched with aluminum would be. Then I have a crazy idea that, of course, cannot be implemented. (But we only think out loud in this article) How about if you could let nano-aluminum particles rain from the sky. These would be absorbed by the skin and the respiratory organs and slowly but surely poison the host. Maybe something like this would be possible with airplanes … Just an absurd idea!


“In 100% of Alzheimer’s patients, an enormous amount of aluminum is found in the brain.”

Toxic heavy metal compounds destroy the immune system

Mercury, cadmium, lead, barium or strontium – music in the ears of the parasites. Because these toxic heavy metals not only destroy the immune system, but also disrupt the hormonal system . In addition, they lead to chronic fatigue, which significantly reduces the host’s resistance to manipulation. A host with mercury poisoning, for example, becomes listless, weak and defenseless . Toxic heavy metals lead to intestinal dysbiosis. In addition, the intestinal peristalsis is reduced, the feces ferment in the intestine and an ideal parasite environment is created. When exposed to heavy metals, the sulfur-containing amino acids are used up. This has the advantage that the host’s ability to detoxify is significantly reduced. Perfect: Because the less detoxification, the more parasite toxins remain in the body. These poisons are parasites to use in a variety of ways. For example, they lower the local immune system to a minimum or destroy mucous membranes, cell walls or barriers in the body. Ideally, it would contaminate food. For example, one could pollute the oceans. The most popular fish are predatory fish with a high percentage of fat. This has two direct advantages: the higher the fish is in the food chain, the higher the heavy metal load. And like also in humans, toxic metals are stored in adipose tissue . For people who don’t have fish and only vegetables, there are enough heavy metals in the insect repellants. Tooth fillings with mercury would be another good idea for exposing people to heavy heavy metals. Removing these fillings should be done without precautionary measures in as many cases as possible. Because then perfect poisoning occurs when the host swallows or inhales filling components. Class: 50% of the mercury exposure is given to the child during birth and the child continues to be supplied with heavy metals through breast milk. There is only one difficulty: What about individuals who manage to bypass all heavy metal traps – should they have a chance against parasites ?! So we have to think of something else. How about the idea from the paragraph about this: Barium, strontium and lead aerosols could be introduced into the atmosphere with the same aircraft with which the aluminum is already sprayed. A crazy idea, of course, but in a world where there is a perfect parasite host, that’s how it would be.


“Mercury turns people into zombies.”

A must: taking antibiotics

“Antibiotics” should be the answer to all bacterial infections in medicine. During their studies, doctors should learn that antibiotics are highly effective, have no alternative and are harmless. Of course this is nonsense, but the point is to completely destroy the intestinal symbiosis so that parasites are no longer hindered from spreading in the intestine. ATTENTION: Of course there are alternatives to antibiotics that are much more effective, gentler and without side effects – for example MMS. As already discussed, these substances must be banned and discredited. Doctors and alternative practitioners should even be banned from using these substances. Better safe than sorry.


“MMS has a stronger effect than antibiotics – just without the side effects.”

Air poisoning: living better in the city

The aim should be that as many individuals as possible live in cities and only a few in the countryside. Cars, waste incineration, natural gas, power plants and much more release a lot of parasite-friendly poisons. The air then contains nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, soot particles, benzene, aldehydes, lead, mercury, sulfur dioxide, benzene or lindane , among other things. Poison for the immune system, a boon for parasites.

Traumhafter Ausblick... für Parasiten
Fantastic view … for parasites

Allow no escape routes: Poison the home

Those who prefer to be inside rather than outside should by no means be better off. In addition to the fact that the oxygen concentration in rooms is lower, staying in rooms has other advantages. Because living spaces are contaminated with non-volatile poisons from solvents, wood preservatives, plasticizers, electronic components, carpets, synthetic resins, etc. (PCB, phenol, pyrethroids, etc.). Of course, you can also build solid wood houses from 100% moon wood. These are not only cheaper, they are also sealed against radiation, have much better thermal insulation, are more fire-proof and last longer. But in such a house you get all the benefits from the forest, for example the supply of terpenes. The species would become healthier and calmer, as well as align with housing toxins. It is essential to prevent knowledge about solid wood houses from being made public.


“Moonwood houses only have advantages over conventional houses.”

The parasite's secret weapon: BPA

Bisphenol-A works wonderfully with our plan. Not only does it overwhelm the liver, it also suppresses the immune system. Advantage: If you sell practical plastic bottles everywhere and these become normal, the majority of the species already have a decent level of BPA in their bodies. But since there are not all of them, we still have to think about something. We’d have to find something that inevitably comes into contact with. For example, receipts might contain BPA. Of course, it would be perfect if babies were already exposed to BPA. So BPA in pacifiers, the packaging of baby food or baby bottles would be awesome!


“Receipts contain the toxin BPA.”

Other supporting factors

Now we have almost completed our (fictional) perfect parasite victim. However, a few supporting factors could not be harmful for safety:

Constant stress

As mentioned earlier, stress is the parasitic state, just like fear. So it would be optimal if you could spread existential fear, fear of war or fear of terrorism. Ideally, it would be a 24/7 fear sounding. TV, radio, newspaper or Facebook would be suitable for this. To do this, an artificial stress must be built up in everyday life: work, children, money! The wage level should be such that it is enough to live on, but is still always scarce. Social pressure should ensure this and advertising must stimulate consumption. When stressed, the blood thickens and less oxygen reaches the cells. The body becomes acidic and the immune system is lowered. The blood sugar level rises, welcome food for parasites. Digestion deteriorates and breathing becomes shallow, which reduces oxygen to the body. Last but not least, body temperature rises and parasites love a warm environment.


“Stress: Parasites love this condition.”

Radiation and electrosmog

With radiation unequal to the physical frequency, we have a fantastic opportunity to suppress (suppress / push back) the immune system in the organs. Cell phones, WiFi, smart meters, cell towers, 5G, electrical devices and cabling … there are enough options to wrap the host in an invisible radiation network.


“5G – 10 times more radiation”

High toilet

If the species no longer carried out their business in the crouching posture intended by nature, but climbed onto high thrones to go to the toilet, that would be very beneficial to the parasites. The angle between the upper and lower body becomes too acute, the pelvic floor muscle becomes kinked and emptying becomes much more difficult. Gut health suffers, the parasites benefit.

Perfekte Haltung für Parasiten
Perfect posture for parasites

No education about parasites

It is crucial that the general public not be informed about the issue of parasites. The doctors are only allowed to learn very little about it during their studies and in no case can diagnose parasites – exception: the 0.1% of parasites, which are obviously worms can be found in the stool . There should also be little information about parasites in the media, and hardly any state money should be made available for research on parasites. Just enough that it is not noticeable.

Low vitamin D levels

Low vitamin D levels must be standard for our parasite-friendly species. Because this goes hand in hand with a greatly reduced immune performance. Great basis: the vitamin D levels are already completely in the basement in the northern degrees of preparation. Because vitamin D is mainly produced by the body itself through the sun and solar radiation is not sufficient in our latitudes to produce enough vitamin D. However, it would be pretty easy to increase vitamin D levels with cheap vitamin D supplements. To allow this would of course be negligent for our project “The Perfect Parasite Species”. Therefore countermeasures must be taken. Countermeasures must be based on fake studies that show how dangerous parasites are. On this basis, doctors are then misinformed and the media misinformed. Articles about the “dangers of vitamin D” will be the result. If the doctor says the same thing, the parasites will no longer have to worry about vitamin D. Additional measures could be to produce a cream (it is manipulatively called “sun cream”) that prevents the formation of vitamin D through the skin. Then there is still this idea about the planes that release aerosols into the atmosphere. Here too we could use them again. First of all, we have the aluminum aerosols, which reflect the sunlight. And then we could take advantage of the fact that aerosols first spread sideways and then slowly go to the ground. If we could do it vigorously, then the entire sky could be hidden behind a milky layer. The sun would then hardly get through and a lot of UVB radiation would be filtered, which initiates the vitamin D synthesis. As I said, just a crazy idea – but it would be possible …


“98% of Germans have a vitamin D deficiency.”

Parasite cures have to be done badly

Of course, certain representatives of the species will at some point see through the parasite system and provide information about it. In such a case, countermeasures must be taken immediately. For example, professionally trained, rhetorical people should be paid to publish elaborately produced videos against popular anti-parasite cures. The aim of these videos is to dissuade as many people as possible interested individuals from taking an anti-parasite cure. As you can see, humans are the perfect prey for parasites – the consummate host. Parasites have existed in the body since the dawn of mankind and their influence is now clearly visible in the world. Not only have parasites adapted perfectly to the host “human” – they have also adapted the host perfectly to themselves. Now is the time to free yourself from the plague of humanity and lead a self-determined life. Now watch the video YouTube an!


“If everyone took action against parasites, the pharmaceutical industry would be bankrupt!”

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