Parasite Cancer: Breakthrough in Cancer Research?

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Last updated:23.08.2021
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Dear Reader,

As I write this article, 12 people are dying of cancer in Germany alone.

The widespread disease cancer has risen in the last 100 years from rank 8 to rank 2 of the diseases with the most fatalities in Germany.
And the trend continues: in 2020, cancer will have overtaken cardiovascular diseases and will take the pole position of fatal diseases.

Dr. José Ignacio Santos Preciado (parasite researcher at the renowned University of Stanford / California and General Director at the Hospital de México) and his team found out back in 2012 that this is the main cause of all cardiovascular diseases (heart attack, heart failure , Cardiac arrhythmias, angina pectoris, etc.) the infestation of the heart with parasites.
According to Dr. Santos Preciado triggered by parasites.

Microbes, flukes and worms enter all organs, including the heart, via the bloodstream.
This explains the disproportionate increase in idiopathic heart disease.
In this video I explain the context:

More and more people are being attacked by tapeworms. One can now even speak of a silent epidemic.
Correspondingly, more and more of the cestoda get into the human heart and gradually cause damage there, which leads to heart disease.

Check out this video how tapeworms are removed from the beating heart.

The perfidious thing is that the worms expire within a few minutes after the heart stops beating. The causal cause of death is not clear to the doctor during an autopsy.

A new theory?

For over 100 years there has been the theory that parasites could cause cancer or even “are the cancer”. This theory was first proposed by one of the world’s most famous physicians of all time, Nobel Prize winner Robert Koch.
As a microbiologist, the discoverer of anthrax and tuberculosis was perfectly clear in theory.

In 1962, Dr. Alfons Weber, that in every tumor tissue there are microparasites.
For the first time he was able to prove Robert Koch’s theory and published film recordings in which one can see the parasites in the tumor tissue:

When he shared his groundbreaking discovery, however, that evidence was not accepted.
The theory of “degenerate” human cells put forward by Prof. Rudolf Virchow had already become a medical consensus and there was no willingness to completely rethink, after more than 60 years of research on a theory.
Too much jobs, too much power, and too much money were linked to Virchow’s theory.

Because of this, the medical conglomerate joined forces to bring together evidence from Dr. Refute Weber.
The theory was developed that Dr. Weber discovered microorganisms are cell organelles and are responsible for apoptosis (programmed cell death).
This theory was put forward because it was observed that the supposed “organelles” caused the cells to burst.

Weber countered by showing images in which the microbes actually caused the cell to burst, but shortly afterwards they took over a new cell – quite normal for parasitic life forms, but impossible for cell organelles.
He also demonstrated that the microparasites multiply within the cell, which organelles do not.

He also provided proof that it was a microparasite:
In an experiment, Weber burned human blood under a 160-degree flame. All human cells were completely destroyed.
Weber added a glucose solution to the dead organ material and a short time later the microparasites were moving on the glass plate.
This experiment silenced all critics, but Weber’s research was still not recognized and hushed up in future.

80% of all examined patients found cells in the blood which were not blood cells, but looked very similar to them.
The doctors’ interest was aroused and they observed the foreign cells.
What they found was that the cells behaved like parasites. They invaded blood cells, changed their shape and multiplied in the cell.

The parasites could then be found in any diseased tissue (including tumor tissue).
The researchers also found that the microparasites caused a lack of oxygen.
Today’s dark field microscopy reveals a lot more. Not many therapists are able to differentiate blood cells from parasites, but more and more people are even showing worms in their blood.

What does today's science say about the topic?

The knowledge that cancer is caused by parasites has flared up again, thanks to the Russian chemist, epidemiologist and microbiologist Tamara Lebedewa.
Because she lost her entire family to cancer and none of her family members was cured by conventional medicine, she researched the disease “cancer” for 13 years.

Since she found that there was no causal cancer therapy in conventional medicine and the theory about “degenerate human cells” was never proven, she started her research from scratch.
Obviously, in 100 years of cancer research, no progress had been made.

Lebedewa found out that so-called cancer cells are actually unicellular parasites, called Trichomonas.
The flagellates have exactly the properties of so-called “cancer cells” and will be identified as such by every oncologist.

Not everyone infected with trichomonads automatically gets cancer.
Lebedewa found out that certain triggers let the microparasites proliferate.
These include poisons, drugs and a suppressed (lowered) immune system.

According to the scientist, the body reacts to the malignant growth with encapsulation, which is called “tumor” in conventional medicine.
This protective measure prompts the body to stop the overgrowth. Once the tumor is damaged and tissue leaves the tumor, it continues to spread, which is called “spread”. The body will try again to encapsulate the “spread cancer” in what is called “metastasis”.

Analysis by "Parasite Pope" Alex Green #Expertencheck

I talked to some scientist friends about Tamara Lebedewa’s research results.
Including biochemists, biophysicists, biologists, orthodox physicians, complementary physicians, naturopaths, parasite researchers and health advisors.

So much in advance: None of them could refute Lebedewa’s research.
And that should be the approach of every science: The attempt to refute a theory or a result.

Interestingly enough, the cancer industry has not yet succeeded in refuting Tamara Lebedewa’s science, and she in particular would be very interested in it.
Because more and more people are using a parasite cure instead of chemotherapy to cure cancer.
I believe that if the multi-billion dollar cancer industry were able to refute the parasite-cancer correlation, they would.

In addition, cancer research is the most unsuccessful science in human history. Despite billions in budget, cancer cases are growing exponentially, as are cancer deaths.
Could it be because the basic theory of “degenerate cells” is fundamentally wrong and is simply being researched in the wrong direction ?!

The next thing that gives me pause: Let’s do a thought experiment and assume that Lebedewa’s theory is correct.
For the future, this could mean that chemotherapy would be obsolete and could be replaced by inexpensive parasite cures in the future. Would the medical conglomerate allow this?
Another question is: would politics allow that ?!
Radiation, chemotherapy and surgery (removal of tumors / cancerous tissue) are important pillars of the economy. If this were to break away, the sensitive economic system would be at the end.

Objectively speaking, Lebedewa’s research results have no chance of public recognition.

Check out my round-up on parasite cancer here:

The other side: arguments against the parasite theory

Now take a look at my video about the phenomenon of “Confirmation bias”:

In this video I have described how easy it is to fall into the trap and only look for arguments that underline your own theses and completely suppress other opinions.

The correct scientific approach is to always try to falsify one’s theories (refute scientific hypotheses through empirical observation, through logical proof).

On the search for critical voices I found Harald Zur Hausen. He was director of the Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg.

In his office he was a vehement opponent of any “microbe theories” in relation to cancer.

His views were inconclusive and since I have mastered the Trivium the logical errors were all too obvious:

Ad Hominem: Personal attacks on scientists with other theories without arguments. The sole aim is to discredit the researcher with other approaches.

Appeal to authority: You should believe him just because he is an “expert”.

Appeal to Faith: He argued that what he said must be true as most people believe it is true.

Appeal to emotions: No objective arguments, but indications that the “gullible” people are being talked out of the oh-so-important conventional medical treatment.

Appeal to fear: Again, no arguments, but the crude statement that without the patient will die without conventional medical treatment.

Appeal to ridicule: Because he ridiculed the topic, it must be wrong

Anticipation: He takes his theory as true and given, although it cannot be proven. Circular logic. It’s true because it’s true.

Repetition of claims makes them seem true: One and the same is repeated over and over until it is “true” in people’s minds.

From a purely objective point of view, there were no arguments against the “microbe theory”.
Then my jaw dropped. What I found was hard to believe:

After leaving the director’s office, he wrote a book in which he describes cancer as an infectious disease:

Through my professional activity I am in contact with dozens of doctors and all report the same thing to me without exception: They can not express their opinion freely, at least not without fear of severe reprisals.
Few doctors have the courage to speak out in public.

What connections are there?

Since I have read the research results of Robert Koch, Dr. Weber, Tamara Lebedewa and Co. could not falsify and the cancer industry did not make it either, I began to look more closely at the topic.

As part of my research on the topic of “Parasites in the human body”, I have already put together a “puzzle” and now checked whether this new “piece of the puzzle” “Cancer” fits into it.
It is important to note that I am ready at any time to tear down the entire puzzle again if it turns out that it doesn’t fit.
Note: Sticking dogmatically to wrong ideas is like walking stubbornly in the wrong direction.

Oxygen Deficiency Cancer?

The theory that cancer is a disease that is caused by a lack of oxygen was created by Otto Warburg, the Nobel laureate in medicine, in 1931.
Warburg found that people with cancer had significantly less oxygen in their blood and cells than healthy people.

How does that fit into the picture? As shown in my free lecture, the parasites rob it Body massive amounts of oxygen.
This is done, for example, by removing germanium, yttrium, chromium, iron, vitamin B12, osmium, chlorophyll or ruthenium.
But also about causing stress, the introduction of toxins and acidification of the body.

Ergo, the theories of Warburg and Lebedewa are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, the research of the Nobel Prize winner underlines the correctness of the research results of the Russian chemist.

Nutrient Deficiency Cancer?

Another theory is that cancer is caused by a lack of essential nutrients. The observation is that people who are deficient in silver, platinum, gold, boron, vitamin D, selenium, chromium, vitamin B12, iron, vitamin A, chlorophyll, iodine, neodymium, scandium, lithium, manganese, B vitamins, copper , Silicon, magnesium or zinc are more likely to develop cancer.
Parasites eat away these nutrients. Could the causality be completely different ?! The nutrient deficiency in cancer is detected because the substances have been eaten away by parasites?
The nutrient deficiency theory also fits into the picture.

Conflicts as a Cancer Trigger?

Another theory is that cancer is an energetic disease that is triggered by conflict. This theory comes from Germanic medicine according to Dr. Hamer. Other alternative scientists believe that cancer is a result of stress or emotional distress.
What is the commonality? Conflicts, stress and emotional distress suppress the immune system in a massive way. And we remember what Tamara Lebedewa said:
The trichomonads only become “cancer” when there are accompanying symptoms such as a reduced immune system.
Another cancer theory fits into our puzzle.

Cancer healing through deep heat?

The President of the German Cancer Society, Michael Bamberg, states that hyperthermia is one of the four pillars of cancer therapy. And that coincides with my experiences: A friend of mine had a melanoma that she did not have conventional medical treatment. She was using my Ceragem bed (but not for that reason) and the malignant skin cancer faded after just a few passes. How can that be explained with the current research on parasites ?! I found the answer to this question in the magazine “Nexus”. Parasites die from 45 degrees and “strangely” it has long been known in alternative medicine that cancer cells also perish at 45 degrees. An accident?! The Ceragem deep heat briefly warms the internal organs to 45 degrees and permanently the body temperature by 1-2 degrees. Among other things, this means that our enzymes can work 100-200 times faster and the immune system is strengthened. We know it from fever. The body warms up to kill uninvited guests such as bacteria or viruses. So a completely understandable remedy against microbes such as parasites.

Poisons as a cancer trigger?

The medical consensus is that toxins cause cancer.
Here, only the correlation (mutual relationship) is clear. The pathogenesis (origin and development) and etiology (causal relationship) are completely unknown to science. The only thing the researchers can say with certainty is that higher exposure to certain toxins increases the likelihood of developing cancer.
These toxins include alcohol, benzene, lead, cadmium, mercury, aluminum, aflatoxins (mold), asbestos, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), radon, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) and other chlorine compounds, microwaves, radioactivity, auramine, leather fumes, nitrites , Wood dust, acetaldehyde, formaldehyde and X-rays.

With her parasite research, Tamara Lebedewa can now provide both the pathogenesis and the etiology, in which she found out that poisons “activate” the disease called cancer caused by microparasites.

Just a matter of genetics?

Many doctors still assume that cancer is (at least mainly) a genetic disease – is it more or less a coincidence whether a person gets cancer or not ?!
This theory is only supported by a common occurrence of cancer cases within the family.
Another hypothesis that has not been verified so far, but whose observations can be explained with Lebedewa’s research results:

Trichomonads are transmitted within the family.
So maybe not genetics, but contagion ?!
It also fits into the picture that both partners in a long-term marriage often develop cancer and naturally there is no family relationship.
This can be due to the fact that trichomonads can be transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse. The only logical explanation of a previously inexplicable phenomenon.

Does chemotherapy really help against cancer?

The 5-year probability of survival when using chemotherapy is significantly lower than without treatment. The “cure rate” is less than 2%.
This also fits into our imagined puzzle, because “chemo” clearly suppresses the immune system – one of the cancer triggers according to Lebedewa.

According to the top Russian scientist, a tumor is nothing more than the body’s attempt to encapsulate the trichomonads.
By reducing the body’s defenses, the parasites can spread in the body: the cancer “spreads”.
The body protects itself again and encapsulates the microparasites – this is what conventional medicine calls “metastases”.

Krebs entwickelt sich exponentiell – endlich eine überzeugende Erklärung

Another point that fits into the big cancer-parasite puzzle is the exponential growth of cancer, which up to now could not be explained by any of the cancer theories.
The only logical explication would be a pathogen epidemic.
Trichomonads are known to spread rapidly and, above all, exponentially.

Vitamin D Deficiency and Cancer?

A correlation between vitamin D deficiency and cancer cannot be denied.
The latest studies even show that the lower the vitamin D level, the higher the risk of developing cancer.
It should also be mentioned here that the pathogenesis of educational medicine is completely unknown.
Also clear: high levels of vitamin D increase the immune system proportionally.
The special thing about it: The unspecific immune system in particular, which is used for direct defense against parasites, is significantly increased.
If this innate immune system does not function properly, in which too few endogenous antibodies are formed due to the vitamin deficiency, microparasites can easily spread in the body.
We also know from Tamara Lebedewa that a suppressed immune system “activates” cancer.
Another common correlation that fits perfectly into the picture!

Does animal protein cause cancer?

Since the China Study, the proof has been provided: protein from animal origin (dairy products, meat, fish, eggs) promote cancer.
But how exactly? This has not yet been demonstrated and therefore the China Study is not a conclusive overall concept.
Does everyone have to live vegan in order not to get cancer?
This cancer theory can also be explained with Lebedewa’s research, because trichomonads feed on animal protein and have an accelerated growth and spread, the more of it is consumed.

Treatment of cancer

As has already emerged from this article, chemotherapy is not only unsuitable for cancer treatment in my view, it is even counterproductive.
The same applies to radiation. Removing a tumor, on the other hand, can make sense in certain cases.
We now know that puncturing a tumor, removing tissue (biopsy), spreading it and causing metastases. This can only be explained by the microbe theory – one of the clearest indications that the research results of Dr. Weber and Co. are correct.
If I look objectively at the cases I know personally, in which cancer was actually cured, changes were made to the psyche and natural remedies and plant extracts were used.

Natural remedies for cancer

Means used include Haritaki, neem leaf powder, papaya seeds, infusions with vitamin C, CDL (MMS) or hydrogen peroxide, bitter apricot kernels, pine hardwood oil (turpentine) or clove oil.
In addition, the change to a basic diet with lots of bitter substances and chlorophyll (e.g. barley grass) has proven to be successful for many patients.
In addition, the elimination of poisons, colon irrigation (enema), conflict resolution, ozone therapy, etc.

What do all these measures have in common ?! They are used as anti-parasitic agents – especially against single-celled parasites, like the trichomonads.

Mein Resume

There is no doubt in my mind that cancer is caused by parasites.
For the first time in cancer research, there is a coherent and irrefutable overall picture and the chain of arguments is completely seamless.

A parasite cure can be helpful in the case of cancer:
Experience shows that many people who have carried out a parasite cure can live a whole new life and get rid of physical and psychological problems of all kinds.

Take a look here at the incredible experience reports and do the parasite test yourself by Dr. Shashi Kumar, with which you can check within a few minutes whether you are harboring a pathogenic number of parasites in your body.

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